Deion Sanders Jr. Tweets Photo of Versace Sheets at SMU Dorm Room

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 2, 2013

Deion Sanders Jr. doesn't have any worries.

While most freshmen take a while to adjust to college life and worry about fitting in with the team, the son of an NFL great is living it up like a boss. Just check out the picture he tweeted to more than 50,000 followers (h/t The Big Lead):

Bedding fit for a king.

Although the thought never crossed my mind to buy Versace sheets and blankets, you have to imagine that stuff can't be cheap. When you consider that a pillow goes for nearly $400 and a plate costs more than $100, you are looking at an expensive place to lay your head. The Sanders family may just value their sleep a little bit more than the rest of us.

However, I'm not sure how comfortable that bed is, judging by the picture.

A freshman and 2-star player according to 247Sports, Sanders committed to SMU after also fielding offers from Houston and North Texas. Off his name and bloodlines alone, this is somebody you would like to keep a close eye on as his collegiate career begins to unfold. Yes, that means you should catch a glimpse of Mustang football for the first time in forever.

If he plays anything like his father, who is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and earned the nickname "Prime Time," college football could be in for a treat.

Scratch that; if he is as flashy as his bed, SMU will jump for joy.