WWE Main Event's Recent Focus on Midcard Championships Is the Right Move

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE Main Event needs to continue to showcase the company's midcard championships.

Wednesday's WWE Main Event gave fans an excellent match between Antonio Cesaro and Kofi Kingston for the U.S. title. This follows a recent episode on April 17 where Wade Barrett defended his Intercontinental title against Justin Gabriel.

If WWE is wondering where to stick its midcard feuds and where to highlight its midcard champs, it has found the answer in the form of WWE Main Event.

WWE's other shows are often busy building drama for the main events of upcoming pay-per-views. John Cena, CM Punk and those folks in the world title picture are often the focus of Raw and SmackDown. That often leaves champions like Barrett and Kingston without enough air time.

WWE's roster is too crowded to have every star get a match or segment every Monday and Friday.

Too often, though, it seems like the men carrying championship gold are left off TV. Either that or those champs are asked to lose to men higher on the food chain. Cesaro spent much of his U.S. title reign on his back, racking up losses to Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton and even R-Truth.

Having the IC and U.S. title holders defend their titles often on WWE Main Event has a number of benefits.

The first is that fans get to watch additional quality matches. Watch Cesaro and Kingston go at it here.

This match was likely too long to find a home on Raw, especially since Kingston had so recently won the title on that show. Instead, WWE Main Event, which is under less pressure to help construct pay-per-view cards, can focus on action like this.

Secondly, it makes the titles more relevant and more prestigious.

If champions go weeks or months not defending their belts on TV, their importance fades. The reigning champions can't look impressive if they aren't defeating anyone consistently.

Adding to the problem is that if not many WWE superstars are actively seeking out the U.S. or Intercontinental title, it begins to look worthless. The champs should be bombarded with challengers. A long title reign has to consist of constant survival.

That's where WWE Main Event comes in.

If there isn't time elsewhere for Barrett or Kingston to put their belts on the line, Wednesdays should see a larger share of midcard title defenses. It gives fans more reason to tune in to WWE's newer show.

The promise of a title defense instantly makes an episode of WWE Main Event more appealing. If fans know that this is the show that has title changes and near title changes, they will be more likely to tune in.

Gabriel earned his title shot after winning a 10-man battle royal. Although fans didn't know who was going to face Barrett, there was automatic intrigue when WWE promised the battle royal and subsequent title match.

Besides, how often do we get to see Gabriel in action for this long?

The underused stars on the roster should be seeking out Barrett and Kingston's titles. Alex Riley, Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Zack Ryder and the like don't necessarily need to be involved in long feuds with the midcard champs, but they should be battling them on a regular basis. WWE Main Event should be all about stars like these, about surprises and drama. More midcard title matches gives fans all of that.

Raw can be Cena-heavy. SmackDown can devote a big chunk of time to Dolph Ziggler and his rivals. Wednesday nights can be the home of WWE's other champions.