Big E. Langston Should Go After United States Championship

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

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The goal that Big E. Langston should pursue in the immediate future is the championship that Kofi Kingston currently holds: the United States title.

It's a championship that Langston can plausibly attain at this stage of his career, and with Langston charging toward that goal, Kingston's grip on the belt is tenuous.

With his buddy Dolph Ziggler carrying around the World Heavyweight Championship and AJ Lee seemingly in line to challenge Kaitlyn for the Divas title, Langston needs a championship in his sights to make theirs a true championship stable.

Were Langston to win the U.S. title from Kingston, Ziggler's three-person crew could strut around WWE arenas flashing their gold in irritating fashion.

In 1988, every member of The Four Horsemen held a title. Barry Windham was United States Heavyweight champ, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard held the tag titles and Ric Flair was the NWA champion.

Other groups have followed their lead. Evolution held several of WWE's championships at the same time, as did D-Generation X.

Ziggler's little family (which needs a catchy name) isn't as loaded with talent as those aforementioned groups, but a run of championship wins elevates its status—both for the collective and its individual members. It gets them noticed and makes their list of enemies longer.

For Langston, it's too soon to go after the WWE title. He's only been in a handful of singles matches as part of the main roster and needs to work his way up to that level. Besides, having both the WWE and World Heavyweight champ on the same squad is overkill.

That leaves either the Intercontinental or United States titles for him to go after.

If The Miz had held on to the IC belt a bit longer, it'd be a more interesting decision for Langston. As it stands, Kingston’s championship is the clear choice. WWE is highly unlikely to pit the villainous Langston against the equally villainous IC champ, Wade Barrett.

Langston and Kingston's history makes their potential rivalry an easy one to write.

On the April 29 episode of Raw, Kingston took on Dolph Ziggler. As one might have guessed, Langston got physically involved.

Kingston knocked Langston off his feet, which led to the latter attacking the U.S. champ after the match. A parallel scenario happened at this year's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. It's easy to imagine WWE pulling up this footage of Langston smashing on Kingston in the weeks leading up to their title match.

The man known as The Wildcat would have to drain his store of resiliency in order to pull through the overwhelming power that Langston brings to the ring.

With as often as Kingston has won and lost midcard titles, his current reign has a transitional vibe to it. If WWE isn't going to transition back to Antonio Cesaro as champion, then the up-and-coming powerhouse is a viable option.

Ziggler and his crew are going to do everything possible to keep The Showoff champion at Extreme Rules. AJ won't hold back any underhanded tactic to yank the Divas title from Kaitlyn. After that, it will be up to the group's big man to pursue his championship dreams.

For Kingston, it may mean that his reign ends with Langston's Big Ending.