Cubs' Julio Borbon Is Not Above Pretending to Be Hit by Pitch to Get on Base

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 2, 2013

The Chicago Cubs' Julio Borbon nearly pulled off the MLB version of the flop.

Deadspin happened upon yet another failed attempt in an already depressing Cubs season. For once, it didn't have to do with the Cubs losing the game—although they would certainly do that as well.

Borbon acts like he just took a career-ending pitch to the leg, trying to fool the umpire into giving him a free pass to first base.

You can hardly fault the outfielder, whose lone at-bat was an unfortunate one. The 27-year-old, who is batting .313 on the season, came to bat for Scott Hairston in the ninth. 

Facing the Padres' Luke Gregerson, Borbon took a pitch low and inside that brushed close to his leg. That is when a brilliant thought crossed the transom of his mind: Screw this, I'm getting to first

What transpires next is an acting job only Keanu Reeves would appreciate. He hops around like a sniper got him with a perfect shot to the shin, but well after the ball has hit the catcher and ricocheted to the ground. 

Larry Brown Sports informs us that the dramatic performance, while wildly amusing, failed miserably with the umpire. Instead, Borbon would continue the at-bat and later ground out. 

Of course, such an act demands a call to the way-back machine when the Yankees' Derek Jeter did the same, albeit on a much grander scale:

There you have it, sports fans. Faking a massive blow is not just for soccer or the NBA, because MLB players are proving to be quite adept at the fine art of acting. 

As for Cubs fans, they were treated to yet another loss, 4-2. The team is now 11-17 and sinking fast in the NL Central. But hey, at least the players are getting creative. 


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