WWE: Do Fans Want Kane to Turn Heel Once Again?

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Kane is one of the best big men that WWE has ever seen.  He is strong, deceptively agile and fully capable of having one of the best matches on the card on any given night.  As one half of the extremely entertaining Team Hell No, Kane has arguably never had a better run as a babyface in the company.  But is this the Kane that fans really want?

I have to say that from the very beginning of Team Hell No, I was confident that Kane could pull it off. Though Daniel Bryan’s character is a wacky kind of guy, hopelessly neurotic and eccentric, for me that obviously lent itself to a talent like Kane.

Kane is the straight man, content with sitting back and calmly killing it with one-liners as Bryan screams and loses his mind over one silly issue after another.

While it may be hard to imagine a 7-foot monster not only getting over but being truly comfortable in a comedy gimmick, the fact is that Kane is completely in his element with Daniel Bryan.  Team Hell No may be an odd pairing, but they are wholly believable together.

Kane makes us laugh.  He’s very good at it.

But, is this what fans really want from him?  A funny, sometimes-goofy monster in a comedy act?  Is this the Kane that WWE needs right now?

Or do fans want The Big Red Machine?  The menacing powerhouse who wreaks havoc as he decimates everyone who gets in his way?

That Kane is only smiling when others are suffering.  His one-liners are delivered at the expense of a WWE Superstar who is lying prone in front of him.  That Kane does not care much for comedy, he is all business, all the time.

At one time Kane was a devastating psychopath, a monster heel in every sense of the word.  He destroyed so many guys and was the heavy in so many different storylines.  He was dangerous, unpredictable and always on the hunt.

Quite the difference.

Team Hell No have been together since the fall of 2012.  While they have been wildly successful, there have been rumblings from some fans that perhaps the time has come to end the gimmick.  Maybe Kane should make the change, turn his back on his partner and become the killing machine that we all remember.

While I see why some fans want to see Kane return to his heel persona, there is a problem with that potential character change.

Right now, there are three heels who basically are all annihilators themselves.  Big Show, Mark Henry and Ryback.  All three Superstars can crush practically anyone who steps into the ring with them and all three have that merciless heel personality.

For Kane to abandon his babyface character would put him in the mix of that trio and honestly, I don’t really know if there would be all that much room for him.  Basically, the cold hearted big man gimmick is a little crowded as it is.

Then there’s the fact that Kane is so good at what he does.  The comedy angle just seems to fit him better than anything he was doing before he began tagging with Bryan.  Again, Kane is very much in his element.

Of course, nothing lasts forever in WWE and unless your name is John Cena, more than likely you will eventually see a turn for your character.  With Kane’s “brother” The Undertaker back on the WWE radar, perhaps it is only a matter of time until the two men begin to have problems.  In that scenario, Kane would definitely be the one to play the role of the betrayer.

For me, it all boils down to what is the best fit for Kane’s character.  And I believe that continuing to work with Daniel Bryan is the right move.  Though they have been together longer than perhaps some fans expected, the truth is that Team Hell No is still working.  

They are still successful, they still mesh well and they are definitely over with the crowd. When you consider all of that, the question becomes why would WWE want to change a thing?

At his core, Kane is a devilish monster who cares only about carnage.  He can be a destructive force like none other in WWE.  But he is great in the role that he currently has alongside Daniel Bryan in Team Hell No.  While Kane will almost certainly make another heel turn eventually, I believe that he should remain babyface, as his gimmick is still a hit.

But is that what fans really want?