2008 NCAA Final Four: Weekend Predicions

Dee WilcoxAnalyst IApril 5, 2008

Crunch time is here for four teams in the NCAA tournament.

It promises to be one to remember as always with for the first time all four No. 1 seeds are in the final four. As well as wonderful talent fills all four teams’ rosters which also lead to great entertaining games

Star watches for UNC vs. Kansas:

UNC - Tyler Hansbrough leading in points, rebounds, and steals.

Other notable players to watch:  Ellington and Lawson

Kansas - Watch Chalmers, Kaun, and Jackson to come with their "A" game.

Look for UNC to rely on Player of the Year, Psycho T with his supporting cast of many talented players to over power the Rock Chalk Jay Hawks. I’m looking to pick UNC over KU, 89-78, with a dominate performance from Hansbrough

Star watches for Memphis vs. UCLA:

Memphis:  the star watch is simple, the starting five. They are so equal that they make for an amazing team, young, flashy, and high flying

UCLA:  centered on Big Kevin Love Who Leads in points, rebounds, and blocks as well as Russell Westbrook who leads in assist and steals.

This will prove to be another exciting game from both teams. Look for Memphis to keep the up-tempo game they like to play while UCLA will try the press to slow it. Big Game coming for Douglass-Roberts and Rose for Memphis and Love will make his presence felt throughout.

In the end when the dust has settled from this clash of No. 1 seeds, I believe Memphis will stand tall in a close one 78-74 over the Bruins.

That would set up a colossal match-up between the Tar Heels and Tigers, but we'll just have to see what happens.

Watch closely and comment accordingly


Till Next Time,

Dee Wilcox