What Another PSG Summer Spending Spree Means for Ligue 1

Christopher AlmerasCorrespondent IIMay 3, 2013

Pastore is one of many high-priced talents on PSG's roster
Pastore is one of many high-priced talents on PSG's rosterShaun Botterill/Getty Images

Every summer transfer season begins with excitement as rumors fly linking players and clubs. As the ink of the signatures dry, media and fans begin the dissection of every move and the effect on the club and the league as a whole. With another outlay of cash expected from PSG this summer, it is never too early to speculate on the effect their spending will have on Ligue 1.

Many of the games’ biggest talents have been linked with PSG as the domestic season comes to a close. Any combination of star players that land in Paris will be a further strengthening of a very good club.

Adding more stars to an already-talented roster will keep PSG miles ahead of their Ligue 1 competition on paper. While the media spotlight that shines on every move PSG makes is good for Ligue 1, it is also concerning in many ways.

Ligue 1 has been desperate for attention for quite some time. PSG has provided that in the last two years with their signings and expanded marketing.

The problem is that Ligue 1 is in danger of turning into a "one club" league in some aspects. PSG is currently the shiny new toy in world football. They currently hold many fans curiosity because of their project.

With time that curiosity will wear off and despite gaining some new fans for PSG, the rest of Ligue 1 will have gained little as those who tuned into see what PSG was about turn their attention back to another league or the next club to join the spending spree.

Fans get bored with seeing the same team win over and over again without being seriously challenged.

If PSG flexes their financial muscle to continue to increase the talent gap between them and their competitors, Ligue 1 will find itself no further along than it was a few years ago. PSG will continue to get attention—especially on the European stage—but few will link any success they have with Ligue 1.

What Ligue 1 need from this summer is for PSG to continue to spend and one or more teams to step up and do the same. Even spending to keep young stars in place for a few more seasons opposed to dumping all funds on a single big name, would be a move in the right direction.

A return to Ligue 1 by Monaco could be the best thing for the league as they have the financial backing to mount a challenge for PSG. At least a well-funded Monaco squad could give Ligue 1 more than one valid player on the European scene in the next few years.

Having two well-financed clubs to compete with may also push Lille, Marseille and Lyon to put some extra in the transfer kitty as the battle for the Champions League spots becomes more crowded. At the very least, the rest of the Ligue 1 contenders will have to be smart about cultivating, keeping and obtaining talent.

The summer expenditures by PSG can go either way as far as an effect on Ligue 1. The direction for Ligue 1 will be determined by the decisions of the other clubs more than PSG's actions.