Mayweather vs. Guerrero 2013: The Ghost Must End Fight Early to Land Victory

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 4, 2013

LAS VEGAS - JULY 31:  Robert Guerrero celebrates his unanimous-decision victory over Joel Casamayor in their junior welterweight fight at the Mandalay Bay Events Center July 31, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The longer the fight goes with Floyd Mayweather, the more the noose will tighten around Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero.

Although he is 36 years old, "Money" Mayweather has shown no signs of slowing down. He's always had tremendous stamina, and he will have it against Guerrero, despite being out of the ring for almost a year. It's hard to figure any way that The Ghost would be able to dictate the fight in the later rounds. That's why it's imperative Guerrero ends this bout in the early or mid rounds.

Power can be a great equalizer, and it's one of Guerrero's best assets.

The last time a Guerrero fight didn't go the distance was in 2010, when he scored an eighth-round TKO of Robert David Arrieta. He's not what you would call a knockout artist; still, Guerrero has enough strength to end the fight with one punch.

Mayweather had a hard time against Miguel Cotto. Cotto is a better fighter than Guerrero, but it's a good example of what a powerful fighter can do to Money May. Cotto landed some nice blows that had Mayweather reeling a bit.

Should Guerrero be able to do the same, he would have a great chance to end the fight early.

However, it's not enough for Guerrero to simply land some key blows early in the fight and continue chipping away at Mayweather as the bout goes on, mostly because Guerrero likely won't be able to achieve the second half of that strategy.

It's either all or nothing for The Ghost.

Mayweather's defense and speed is almost second-to-none. He moves around the ring so quickly and avoids every major blow. Plus, he'll be able to counter some of Guerrero's best swings and land some key punches.

If the fight reaches the midway point, fans should get used to seeing Mayweather dancing around the ring and keeping his distance from Guerrero. All the while, Money will get in plenty of offense to win most, if not all the rounds. It will be the proverbial boxing clinic.

Guerrero can try all he wants, but there's nothing he'll be able to do to stop this when it gets to around Round 7 or Round 8. The Ghost is an extremely tough fighter, but he will have likely exerted himself so much to land a massive blow that he'll lack that power in the latter stages of the fight.

At that point it will come down to boxing skill, an area in which Guerrero is far behind Mayweather.

It's a risky proposition for Guerrero, considering he's not the most accurate puncher, and Mayweather could have a field day countering him. Regardless, it's the only hope he has to win the fight.