Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H at Extreme Rules, Lack of Interest Among WWE Fans

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

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Brock Lesnar is expected to be on the May 6 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw. The news comes via, as the company looks to continue promoting Brock’s upcoming Extreme Rules match against Triple H.  But just how high is the fan interest for this match?

At one time, seeing Brock Lesnar on WWE programming was an event.  When he returned to the company last year against John Cena, it was truly must-see TV.  His decimation of Vince McMahon’s No. 1 superstar made all the headlines and had virtually every pro wrestling fan buzzing over The Next Big Thing.

But that was then, this is now.

At this point, I have personally read and heard so much criticism surrounding Brock’s impending third match with The Game that it truly seems like many fans want nothing to do with it.  And I have to say that part of me is not very surprised.

Let’s face it, WWE fans are a very demanding bunch.  After all, we have already seen Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H—twice, as a matter of fact.  While three matches does not exactly constitute a lifelong feud, it does feel as if this rivalry has already worn out its welcome.

Fans want new.  Fresh.  They want exciting, never-before-seen matches pitting the company’s brightest, hardest-working superstars against each other.  They want to see something they have never seen before, and they want to see it presented in a very unique way.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

The truth is that Triple H and Brock Lesnar have done quite a bit in their feud and explored a lot of territory—from the arm-breaking incident of 2012, to Brock’s vicious assault of Hunter’s best friend Shawn Michaels to his attack of Vince McMahon this year.  

Triple H was defeated at SummerSlam and then came back for revenge at WrestleMania 29.  

The McMahon family’s involvement combined with Paul Heyman’s work fueling the situation and this feud made Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar as intense and as entertaining as WWE could likely make it. After WrestleMania was over, it felt as though this one was done.

Two superstars who compete only on a part-time basis now had their moments, had their matches and now it was time to move on.

Again, when the third match was announced, I was not surprised at the lack of positive response.  I get it.  This should be done.

But I am also of the mindset that this feud deserves a second look.  Or, is that a third look?
Here’s the thing.  This is Brock Lesnar—one of the most controversial, most physically dangerous and intimidating men in the history of WWE.

He was arguably the fastest rising superstar that we have ever seen, getting more and doing more than anyone before him or since.

His raw power and strength is undeniable.  His athleticism and resiliency is without question.  Brock Lesnar is as high-impact and smash-mouth today as he was when he first debuted back in 2002.

Triple H is the King of Kings, one of the most decorated WWE Superstars of all time.  He has worked main event matches and headlined pay-per-views all over the world, and at one time, he was the top dog in the WWE.  

He was one of the Attitude Era’s breakout stars, and during his run, he had one classic match after another.  The Cerebral Assassin was one of the best, and to this day, he can still put on a hard-fought, very entertaining match.

What more can fans really ask for?

These are not two untested rookies with no real sense of direction or development.  These are two veterans—guys who are very accustomed to being under the bright lights and know how to deliver on a main event level.  

They can get it done in a very physical match, and while their first two bouts have not exactly been technical masterpieces, they provide what many fans love to see from WWE.

They provide a fight.  They deliver a no nonsense, all-out brawl every time they face off. And inside a steel cage at Extreme Rules?  Expect the volume to be turned way up.

But is all of that enough?  Do fans really even care about this match, and can either man do anything to improve the lack of interest that seems to be out there?  Could something happen on Monday Night Raw to possibly change the mind of those fans who have already decided that this match is just not worth their time?

Brock Lesnar and Triple H will hook up for a third time at WWE’s upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view.  While this match features two of the best that the company has ever seen, the fact is that many fans are just not all that interested in seeing this for a third time.

So, do you care about this one?