Erin Walton a Franchise Player for the Calgary Rage

Mark Staffieri@@MarkStaff100Contributor IIMay 7, 2013

Image supplied by Erin Walton
Image supplied by Erin Walton

As one of the stars in the Western Women’s Canadian Football League, Erin Walton is also the franchise player for the Calgary Rage. Having been named to the Canadian National Team for the second time in her distinguished career (as a member of the reserves), Walton is hoping Canada finishes with a gold medal victory at the 2013 Women’s Tackle Football Championships. While she plays quarterback with Calgary, she was named to the Canadian contingent as part of the running back corps. 

Having been named to the first-ever Canadian women’s team in 2010 was a great milestone for Walton. While the team claimed a silver medal at the 2010 Women’s Tackle Football Championships, the chance to be part of such a historic sporting event was still a cherished one.

“Being named to the first-ever Canadian women’s team is something I will never forget and I will cherish the memories and experience forever. To make it even more special for me personally, I made the team in my first year of playing tackle football. Now knowing the calibre of the players I played with, it is definitely an honor and huge compliment to be considered as part of that elite group!” 

While the World Championships did not end with the desired result, the semifinal brought with it a lifetime of memories. As the game was contested on Canada Day (July 1), there was a strong feeling of national pride for Walton and her teammates.

“Playing in the semi-final in the World Championship on Canada Day against Team Germany is one of the most vivid memories I have of the whole experience; our national anthem sent chills through my body and each member of our team held their heads high and sang with pride. Together, we played our best game of the tournament on Canada Day to ensure our place in the final against Team USA. It’s hard to write a better script than that! I have never been so proud to be Canadian as I was on that day.”

Despite being named to the reserves for the 2013 squad, Walton is still supportive of the Canadian team. As the WWCFL season is being contested before the Women’s Worlds, there is always the risk of injury; therefore, Walton must be at the top of her game. With several teammates from the Calgary Rage also on the national team, Walton is proud of them.

“Regardless of whether or not I am actually in Finland for the 2013 tournament, I will be there in heart and spirit keeping very close tabs on my Team Canada sisters cheering them on every step of the way, especially my Rage teammates, Annie Tremblay and Alana Doyle, who are sure to represent our team and country very well!” 

Having been anointed as the starting quarterback for the Rage, Walton is multi-talented and also a strong performer at running back. This versatility on offense is similar to another talented athlete that played football in Calgary, Doug Flutie (with the CFL’s Stampeders). In playing one of the most pressure-packed positions in football, Walton tries to set a positive example, one that she sees as the responsibility of providing leadership.

“I see myself as a leader on every team I play for, and I always try to lead by example and to play with heart, intensity and a team-first mentality. My position on the Rage is currently starting QB and I will play some RB as well. So the positions I play naturally lend themselves to that of leadership.”

“I am getting 'up there' in age for a sport like football, so I am very excited to help our younger players grow and develop their skill sets, and to learn the game and what it takes to be successful at it! If I am lucky enough to be brought off of the reserve roster to play for Team Canada, my only goal is to be the best teammate I can be and to play to the best of my ability every time I have a chance to play.”

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