Big Ten Schools Will Reportedly Receive More Than $25 Million This Year

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 6, 2013

The SEC may dominate college football on the gridiron, but it is the Big Ten that is running things off the field. According to the St. Louis Dispatch (h/t CBS Sports), Big Ten schools received a payout of $25.7 million once the 2012 season came to an end.

Out of that cut, $7.6 million is coming from the Big Ten Network, according to the report. With this news, it's  no wonder why the SEC was so quick to start its own network, which will debut in August of 2014.

The Big Ten is distributing more revenue than any other conference in the country. All of you haters can take that. While you were quick to bad-mouth the Big Ten style of play and say it was a down year for the teams involved, this conference was laughing all the way to the bank.

In 2011, the revenue added up to $24.6 million per team, with a cool $8.1 million of that coming from the Big Ten Network. According to the report, athletic departments have benefited greatly from the network, due to a 57 percent increase in revenue from its first year on the air (2007) through the end of 2012.

If conference TV networks continue to make being a member so lucrative, maybe more teams will stay put,  and every program will be able to play nice together in the sandbox.

It is likely that the SEC revenue will put up similar numbers once things kick off with ESPN. But until that takes place, the Big Ten is king.

Well, at least off the field.