Breaking Down Arizona Wildcats' New Nike Football Uniforms

Ian BergCorrespondent IMay 6, 2013

Photo via Lost Letterman
Photo via Lost Letterman

Uniform modifications have become the latest trend in college football.

Arizona is now the latest program to jump on the train with new looks set for this fall (via

There are a handful of changes coming to the Wildcats' duds, with most adding a nice flair. One change should have stayed on the drawing board, but unfortunately it survived the final cut.


“Flywire” Collar

One subtle change that will be noticed by fans is the addition of the “Flywire” collar design from Nike.

The look comes from the addition of stitching to the neckline to help add strength to the front of the jersey. It adds a gloss to the front of the uniform, which became a visible addition to NFL jerseys in 2012.

This is a practical addition to the uniform, but it adds a cosmetic appeal as well.


Faded Shoulders

There is a new look to the shoulders of the Arizona uniform.

It is a two-toned fade look that applies a contrast to the jersey’s main color. You notice in the picture that the blue jersey’s sleeve leads with blue and fades to red, whereas the red jersey leads with red and fades to blue.

The white jersey is also red to blue.

It is a high and tight sleeve design that allows for free movement of the arms and shoulders. This look was a solid addition to an already good-looking uniform set.


The Numbers

Just when it looked like this was a good look for the team, the numbers came into focus.

The new numbers will feature the same faded color design placed on the shoulders, but the two-tone stripe is absolutely terrible.

The redo is a great look with the exception of the numbers. Keeping a solid color scheme would have been more appealing, as the hard digital lines look tacky.

Overall Uniform Grade: B