WWE Monday Night Raw: Lesnar and Heyman Invade Company Headquarters and More

Daniel Peragine@DPMajesticCoSenior Analyst IIMay 7, 2013

Ryback stands over John Cena in the ring. (Photo credit: WWE.com)
Ryback stands over John Cena in the ring. (Photo credit: WWE.com)

The May 6 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw, which aired live from Roanoke, Va., began with exclusive footage of Brock Lesnar and manager Paul Heyman at the company's headquarters and a video package of last week's show.

John Cena kicked things off by storming towards the ring. Cena, who was again met with a mixed reaction from the crowd, announced that he was medically cleared to wrestle and will defend his WWE Championship against Ryback.

However, Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero interrupted to a chorus of boos. Guerrero invited Ryback to the ring.

Cena begins to imitate Ryback and tells him that he is a complainer. Ryback quickly fired back, challenging Cena to a Last Man Standing match at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view for the WWE Championship belt. Cena quietly accepted Ryback's match speculation.


Match No. 1: Randy Orton vs. Damien Sandow.

Your winner via pinfall: Randy Orton. A basic and decent opening match that helped get the crowd warmed up for a long three hours of WWE Raw. After the match, the Big Show suddenly appeared at the entrance way and knocked out Orton with a punch.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Chris Jericho came out to the ring. Jericho introduced Brodus Clay and Tensai to judge Fandango's entrance. Clay and Tensai voted a score of two, while Jericho punched in one number lower for Fandango's entrance.


Match No. 2: Fandango vs. R-Truth.

Your winner via count out: R-Truth. Frustrated by Clay, Tensai and Jericho's judging at ringside, Fandango left the match and headed backstage. A very quick match with the sole purpose to intensify Fandango's feud with Jericho.

Match Rating: 2/5.


Match No. 3: Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Your winner via disqualification: Alberto Del Rio. Jack Swagger, who made an appearance at ringside, caused problems by wiping out Ziggler and Del Rio with a ladder. Big E Langston and Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo, were also knocked out at ringside by Swagger. A very entertaining match that ended with Swagger dominating the scene.

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Match No. 4: The Shield vs. The Uso Brothers and Kofi Kingston.

Your winner via pinfall: The Shield. Another solid match on Monday Night Raw. Although Kingston was a victim to the numbers game, the United States Champion looked very impressive towards the tail end of the match. The Shield continued their dominance in the WWE with another victory.

Match Rating: 3.5/5.


Match No. 5: Zack Ryder vs. Antonio Cesaro.

Your winner via pinfall: Antonio Cesaro. Predictable outcome with Cesaro getting back on track with a victory. Ryder is in poor shape with the WWE, as his character has really lost relevance by the amount of losses racked up.

Match Rating: 2/5.


Exclusive footage was released of Lesnar and Heyman entering Triple H's office at WWE headquarters. As Heyman was speaking via satellite, Triple H appeared and headed towards the ring. Triple H responded to Heyman, telling him that he has two offices. "The Game" continued to speak, saying that the first office was destroyed by Lesnar but the second was inside the ring.


Match No. 6: The Bella Twins and AJ Lee vs. Cameron, Naomi and Kaitlyn.

Your winner via pinfall: Kaitlyn. One thing is for certain: the new E! Entertainment channel feature on the WWE Divas appears to be much more appealing than the countless short matches they are booked in.

Match Rating: 1.5/5.


Match No. 7: Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett.

Your winner via pinfall: Sheamus. After the match, Mark Henry delivered several shots to the back of Sheamus with a belt. Nothing spectacular to cover about this match, as this was simply a lead in to the main event on Raw.

Match Rating: 3/5.


Match No. 8: Kane vs. Ryback. 

Your winner via pinfall: Ryback. Quickly after the victory, The Shield emerged from the crowd. As a brawl erupted inside the ring, Ryback picked up a steel chair and attacked Cena as Monday Night Raw faded to black.

Match Rating: 3/5.