Twitter Reaction to Brock Lesnar Destroying Triple H's Office on WWE Raw

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 7, 2013

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Monday's WWE Raw featured the unlikely matchup of Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H's office, and fans, wrestling sites and Superstars had a blast reacting to it on Twitter.

The sporadic, sputtering narrative that has been Triple H and Lesnar's feud went in an unexpected direction on Monday. Rather than have another brawl between the two combatants in the upcoming cage match at Extreme Rules, Lesnar attacked Triple H's corporate workplace. At least it wasn't tug-of-war, right?

Lesnar stormed the WWE headquarters in Connecticut with Paul Heyman at his side. He bullied the WWE staff on his way to Triple H's office. The big man then took to tearing apart the furniture.

Heyman himself started the buzz about the incident, tweeting about the office destruction before WWE Raw even began.

With as much damage as Lesnar caused, Triple H may think twice about hanging up a sledgehammer on the wall of his office. Lesnar took Triple H's trademark weapon and smashed a World Heavyweight title to bits. That championship looked mighty good on Lesnar’s shoulder.

Several fans wondered if this was a hint about Lesnar going after Dolph Ziggler's title, but Curt Hawkins was thinking bigger picture.

Should WWE listen to his suggestion; it'd be a great way to not only reuse the damaged championship, but also to revitalize a few careers. Imagine Cody Rhodes fending off challengers for the hardcore title. Imagine Hawkins himself being a part of that title picture.

After dropping the value of that championship belt, Lesnar set his sights on Triple H's computer. That set up the pins for a number of Twitter jokes.

That included a joke about how Lesnar was "typing," courtesy of Wrestling Memes.

ESPN's Robert Flores joked about what Lesnar might have been typing.

Wrestling DeLorean helped add depth to the story and to Triple H's motivations.

This was a segment that sounds ridiculous when you explain it to someone who didn't watch it. A pre-taped segment where a man in track pants dismantled an office may not sound like compelling entertainment, but Heyman's narration made it just that.

While it went on for quite a long time, the piece was original and at the very least had people talking.

Bleacher Report's own Seth Guttenplan tossed out a possible reason this segment got the green light.

As Lesnar let out his inner Hulk and smashed everything in sight, there were certainly some folks watching who were glad they weren't there in person. 3MB had to be in that group. The same goes for the New Age Outlaws and the Spanish announce table.

Titus O’Neil wasn't concerned about anyone's safety or about the laws that Lesnar broke. He let the world know he was just worried about the safety of his "millions of dollars."

The person you have to feel bad for in all of this, though, is the janitor. Kayfabe News composed an imagined scenario with said cleaning person.

The fact that a scene where an office was demolished is among the most talked about elements of a WWE Raw episode is both proof that the bit worked and that there was little else to talk about.

With so many rematches, squashes and recaps on the docket, Lesnar vs. the office was the most intriguing matchup of the night. It may have been more fun to comment on than to watch for some, but entertainment was had either way.