Report: WWE Looking for New Home for 'Legends' House'

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 7, 2013

Roddy Piper (photo from
Roddy Piper (photo from

Could WWE reality show Legends' House finally be finding its way onto American television?

As WrestlingInc (from PWInsider) notes, the company is currently attempting to find a network willing to broadcast the show.

Initially it was assumed the series would end up on the upcoming WWE Network, but the report indicates management are eager to air Legends' House in the near future, while it's still relevant.

There is currently a push within WWE to get the Legends House TV show that was filmed a while back onto a major network under the NBC Universal banner, hopefully this summer.

WWE officials don't want Legends' House to become too dated by the time it airs so they're looking at getting it out this summer. SyFy or Bravo look to be leading candidates to pick up Legends House.

Legends' House, which was filmed early last year, features several eccentric wrestling stars from the past, including Roddy Piper, Pat Patterson and Jimmy Hart. The show documents their attempts to live under the same roof for a prolonged period of time.

Of course, wackiness ensues. This is reality television, after all.

TMZ revealed the first footage in a post shortly after filming commenced, involving the various personalities attending a dancing class, with predictably awful results.

So, what are the show's chances of finding a home on a major network?

Frankly, no matter how you look at it, the odds of this happening appear to be small.

OK, so WWE's Total Divas reality show was picked up by E! Network and will air in the summer. Based on this, some could argue there would therefore be channels willing to give another wrestling-based series a shot.

But the Total Divas series undoubtedly looks a lot more promising on paper to TV executives than something like Legends' House.

Featuring good-looking, argumentative young women and their various work-related woes, Total Divas has at least a decent shot of taking off with non-wrestling fans.

But how many people, outside of die-hard wrestling fans, are really going to seek out Legends' House and watch it?

It's a tough sell.

Especially when you consider that guys like Jimmy Hart and Pat Patterson haven't been on national TV for several years, sans the odd cameo when WWE do an old-school nostalgia show. Roddy Piper is arguably the most well-known name in the cast, and even he's not anything close to an A-list star.

Will anyone even want to see these wrestlers going about their day-to-day lives?

But it's possible I'm being unfair.

After all, no one could have predicted that a series about a group of people working in a pawn shop would become one of the biggest cable shows ever (History's Pawn Stars). Shows with unusual premises can take off, and have before.

Maybe I'm selling Legends' House short?