Could Brock Lesnar Become a Champion in WWE Again?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 7, 2013

On Raw this past Monday night we witnessed Brock Lesnar destroying Triple H's office inside the WWE headquarters, but one specific moment from the video seemed to stand out.

Brock grabbed a replica world title off a shelf in Trips' office and put it on his shoulder. Paul Heyman not only brought attention to the belt, but he would later be seen holding the replica belt after Lesnar had all but destroyed it with a sledgehammer.

Since The Rock was able to be WWE champion on a limited schedule, it could mean they are willing to consider a similar situation for Lesnar.

Would this be a good idea? Absolutely.

Lesnar is a valuable asset to WWE, and after his match with Triple H at Extreme Rules, he will need something else to do.

The world title seems like the best option for Lesnar, especially if he were to work limited dates while holding the belt. We already had a part-time WWE champion in 2013 and we do not need another.

A part-time world champion might not be a bad idea. The WWE title is the top title, there is no questioning that, which makes the world title the second-tier title.

Having a second-tier title absent for a week or two here and there would not appear nearly as bad as when the WWE champion was nowhere to be found during Rocky's reign.

While Lesnar has a similarly limited number of dates on his schedule, they could opt to use more of them in a shorter span of time like they did with The Rock around WrestleMania.

Lesnar could challenge the WWE World Heavyweight champion at SummerSlam, and then hold the title through Night of Champion or Over the Limit where he could drop the title to someone who could benefit from a victory

There are so many WWE Superstars who could believably defeat Lesnar, and get a gigantic boost to their career in the process.

You have the guys who have been around for years and have become a little stale like Randy Orton and Big Show.

You have the guys who are right on the cusp of being true main-eventers like Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.

And you have your Superstars who have not been in WWE very long, but clearly stand out above the rest like Antonio Cesaro and The Shield.

There are so many possibilities for a challenger to a belt-holding Lesnar that the problem is almost that too many options exist.

If WWE had him win the belt at SummerSlam, retain at NOC and then drop the belt at OTL they would get three Lesnar matches in a row, which would certainly increase pay-per-view buys.

Really, the only negative to a Brock Lesnar title reign would be that some people just wouldn't like it. There is always someone who will complain in wrestling, but besides that, Lesnar with a belt seems like a great money-making storyline.

What do you think? Should WWE have Lesnar pursue a title after his feud with Triple H is over?


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