Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn's Romance Hits Red Carpet at Met Gala

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 7, 2013


For those waiting for the first public appearance of the newest sports power couple received just that as Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn walked the red carpet at the Met Gala. 

Yahoo! Sports caught a glimpse of the two at New York's big fashion extravaganza Monday night; both looking very sharp and quite happy. 

If you are looking for an event to make a romance officially public, the Met Gala is perfect. There are so many celebrities and audacious fashions that two athletes as well known as Woods and Vonn could almost feel normal. 

This isn't the first time we have seen the two at the same location. 

Vonn was at the 2013 Masters to support her boyfriend as he continued to show signs of classic golf form. While the weekend included a controversial drop and debate over various rules, Woods managed to finish fourth overall. 

The golfer, who has gone through so much tumult in his personal life as well as on the golf course, seems to be in a sound place in both regards.

Back in March, Woods decided to come public over his budding romance with the famed alpine skier in a Facebook post that read, "Lindsey and I have been friends for some time, but over the last few months we have become very close and are now dating. We thank you for your support and for respecting our privacy. We want to continue our relationship, privately, as an ordinary couple and continue to compete as athletes."

Asking for "normal" might be a tad hopeful, especially for a golfer known the world over and a popular Olympic skier. 

Still, the two have managed to unveil a somewhat shocking romance in a measured manner that serves their interest and timing. The golf star may have just figured this publicity thing out after all. 

Woods will next start at the Players Championship, via Yahoo! Sports. Vonn, for her part, is continuing to work hard to come back from a torn ACL. 

As for fans, prepare yourselves for a great deal more of Woods and Vonn. 


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