Randy Orton's WWE Career Has Far Surpassed Batista's

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA - JULY 08:  World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa.  (Photo by Steve Haag/Gallo Images/Getty Images)
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When it comes to comparing the future of the faction known as “Evolution,” Randy Orton’s WWE career has far surpassed Batista’s.

Both Orton and Batista made their names while under the faction, with Orton becoming the youngest Intercontinental and World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE’s history. All Batista did, regarding titles, was become one half of the world’s tag team champions with Ric Flair.

Comparing titles during their time as members of Evolution is unfair. Orton was kicked out in 2004 after his world title run. Batista left shortly before WrestleMania 21 to vie for the world championship.

Orton outweighs Batista in creating an impact in the WWE.

Batista, who was a force to be reckoned with, had many wars with Triple H and the Undertaker in 2005 and 2007, respectively. He got the upper hand in both, defeating them in Hell in a Cell matches.

He also had a great heel turn near his end with the WWE, turning on Rey Mysterio at 2009’s Bragging Rights.

Batista’s tenure ended with unsuccessful bouts against John Cena, though he did leave on a high note. However, his career pales in comparison to Orton.

Orton rose to the top and stayed there for quite some time. He floundered after his brief title run, but his successful program with the Undertaker brought him to the forefront, and numerous world titles and a key gimmick change kept him in the spotlight. Whether as the Legend Killer or the Viper, Orton became a name in the WWE. His feuds with Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena defined his WWE career.

Orton and Batista have had their share of problems as they both suffered injuries that took time from their careers. However, Batista missed more time and suffered more nagging injuries, while The Viper would go on to become a near ironman, flawless of any injury.

Another reason why Orton surpassed Batista is their age difference. Batista was 32 years old when he joined Evolution, compared to Orton at 23. Orton was primed to have the longer, better career.

It was meant to happen, as Orton remains in the WWE as the last full-time wrestler from Evolution. It’s only fitting since Orton represented the future. The future arrived long ago for Orton, sooner than expected.

When it’s all said and done, Randy Orton will unquestionably have the better career than Batista.