News on Early SummerSlam Plans for the Undertaker

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 7, 2013

The Undertaker enters the ring for the six-man tag match on Raw two weeks ago (from
The Undertaker enters the ring for the six-man tag match on Raw two weeks ago (from

Interesting information has emerged about The Undertaker's potential participation at this year's SummerSlam pay-per-view.

Undertaker was, of course, written off television two weeks ago courtesy of a vicious post-match beat down by The Shield on SmackDown.

In this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez noted that WWE is currently putting plans together for a tag match at the summer's biggest pay-per-view, with the "Brothers of Destruction" taking on Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns: "At press time the working idea is to try to put together Undertaker & Kane vs. Shield at SummerSlam. Much of that will depend on whether or not Taker wants to work that show."

So, what are the chances of Undertaker agreeing to come back and work the show?

It's difficult to say.

The legend has been gone from WWE television for several years—only resurfacing around WrestleMania time for his traditional "streak" bout. He seemed to be, essentially, retired and enjoying life with his wife, former WWE Diva Michelle McCool.

This year, however, he pleasantly surprised many by actually sticking around for a few weeks following his victory over CM Punk at WrestleMania 29.

A week after the show he teamed with Kane and Daniel Bryan to take on The Shield on Raw in an enjoyable tag team match (Undertaker's side lost; clearly indicating they should have listened to Bryan and studied his pre-match diagrams).

He then took on Dean Ambrose—and defeated him—on the following Friday's SmackDown. It was after this match that Rollins and Reigns hit the ring and took him out.

The bouts were notable for how good the star looked in them. While age—he's 48—and that grueling, hard-hitting ring style has undoubtedly taken its toll on him, in some ways he has never been better as a performer.

If Undertaker feels up to it, putting him on the SummerSlam event would be a huge boost for the card and the company in general.

Of course, it's possible he may decide that the physical effort will be too much and he should just sit out until WrestleMania XXX rolls around—hey, there's a big difference between short television matches and main eventing the second biggest WWE show of the year.

No one could blame him for wanting to stay home and simply rest for a while.