C.J. Wilson Reportedly Engaged to Supermodel Girlfriend Lisalla Montenegro

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 8, 2013

C.J. Wilson is managing to find the bright side of a lackluster season. The biggest and best news is that he is reportedly engaged to his very wonderful and very beautiful girlfriend, Lisalla Montenegro. 

On Wednesday, Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina dropped the following tweet that serves as an impetus for the round of applause and virtual cheers we send the Angels pitcher. 

The first handle is to Wilson, a 32-year-old pitcher who is having a solid season when you consider the rest of his team is floundering amid the AL West at the moment. 

The other Twitter handle belongs to the lovely Ms. Montenegro who you can also follow on Instagram. It's there that we get a nice look at the huge rock that now sits atop her finger. 

Wilson is 3-1 on the season with a 3.86 ERA and 1.55 WHIP, fairly strong numbers, especially when you consider it's all doom and gloom in Los Angeles at the moment; the Angels are currently 11-21, just two wins better than the hapless Astros. 

No matter, because sometimes the bright side of life dominates the entire picture. 

Montenegro is a Brazilian supermodel born in 1988, and you can find out more at her official website, Lisalla.com. There she writes: 

Lisalla Montenegro was born and raised in Goias, Brazil. Although she had dreams of being a doctor, there was another bright future that awaited her. At a young age Lisalla was encouraged to pursue modeling. After participating in a competition for Miss Goias, she met with modeling scouts who saw a star and brought Lisalla to America where she would begin her career. 

Thankfully, Wilson delivered far more information to Traina in an April 2, 2013 edition of Hot Clicks. There he noted some of the best and worst aspects of dating a model. 

Some of the worst: 

1. They’re always traveling. Lisalla has to fly all over the place, so sometimes we’ll go a long time without seeing each other.

2. Having to answer questions about how you met your supermodel girlfriend from teammates who want to have a supermodel girlfriend. 

Some of the best: 

1. When they walk in a room first, you can be completely invisible. Nobody sees you at all.

2. If they ask for a table at a restaurant, they’re going to get it. We’re always seated right away.

Well, it seems the pitcher is set for instant access to the best tables in the spot for the rest of his life. There is no doubt that the pros he presented to Traina certainly outweighed the cons—and by a hefty margin. 

A great deal of congratulations are in order for Wilson and his soon-to-be wife. 


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