Is Jerry Lawler's Return to the Ring a Good Idea?

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

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After eight months away from the squared circle, Jerry "the King" Lawler has been medically cleared to return to action.

And ladies and gentlemen, he is wasting no time at all in getting back into the thick of things.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the 63 year old Lawler will make his return to the ring at a May 25th event for the Florida based promotion !Bang!.

Setting aside that this is somewhat of a feel-good story,  what does this decision mean for Lawler's overall health and well-being?

Sure, he has 168 championships to his credit, more than anyone on the WWE roster. But at his age, stepping into a wrestling ring to actively compete is fairly risky to begin with. Add in Lawler's health scare, and you have the makings of a catastrophe.

While it is unlikely that anything serious will actually happen, as he will probably not be competing in a grueling contest, it is still a curious move for a man less than a year removed from heart surgery.

Even more interesting is that Lawler's tag team partner in his return match will be the 72 year old Dory Funk Jr.

It is worth noting that !Bang! is actually Funk's promotion, and he regularly competes in matches.

However, at 72, is he taking just as big of a risk as Lawler is?

Yes, both competitors know exactly what they are doing once they step inside a wrestling ring. And yes, both must feel healthy enough to take this risk. However, one needs to wonder how many people will be closely monitoring this story simply to see if Lawler survives.

Again, it is unlikely that he will be wrestling for long periods of time, or attempting incredibly risky top rope maneuvers.

But in the end, is it wise for Lawler to step back into the ring after such a short time?

And more importantly, if he does well in this match, will it be long before we see him back in a WWE ring for one more match on the main stage?