Watch Chris Bosh Get His 'Birdman' on After Game 2 Win vs. Chicago Bulls

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

Shaquille O'Neal's wish is Chris Bosh's command.

Talking with TNT's Inside the NBA crew after the Miami Heat's Game 2 thrashing of the Chicago Bulls, Bosh was naturally asked about Chris "Birdman" Andersen.

"Chris, tell me how much fun it is playing with 'Birdman, Birdman,'" Shaq said.

"Everybody loves Birdman," Bosh replied while giggling like only Bosh could. "He has an aura about him."

I know what Bosh means. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard of people just wanting to hug Andersen out of nowhere. They gravitate towards him. And how could they not? He's a rainbow personified.

Speaking of Birdman's multi-colored camouflage, Charles Barkley asked Bosh if he planned on getting any tattoos with his walking mural of a teammate.

"Yeah, I thought about it," Bosh explained. "I don't know. He's got too many for me. He says he's going to get some more, so I don't know."

More? Seriously? Where's he going to put them?

Barkley suggested he put any new ink on his toes, and then Ernie Johnson astutely observed that he also has the option of putting "tats on top of tats."

To round out the Birdman watching, Shaq asked Bosh to do him a solid.

"Hey Chris, can do you me one last favor? Let me hear you say 'Birdman, Birdman.'"

Bosh obliged. "Birdman, Birdman," he said rather feebly. 

He definitely didn't sell it as well as Shaq did, which surprises me.

Bosh has become known as the Heat's class clown of sorts. I half expected him to have various props at the ready for situations just like this. And I at least thought he would flap his arms Birdman style. 

Oh well, perhaps he was tired. Or maybe he had simply drifted off into a mental montage of all the good times he and Birdman have had together, frolicking up and down the streets of South Beach, looking for a place where Andersen could have his toes colored in.

Remember, Birdman can have that kind of effect on people. It's that damn aura of his.