Report: The WWE Wants CM Punk to Return When?

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 9, 2013


It seems like at least once a week I am either reading or writing an article about the one and only CM Punk.

The fact is, it's been kind of hard to avoid since his TV departure in April. Even though it hasn't even been a month since he walked away, his presence is sorely missed by many a WWE fan.

Now news is coming from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via that the WWE would like to see him back before the end of the summer. In fact, they have even gone as far as picking out a time-frame for the "Straight-Edge Superstar" to return.

The article states:

It was reported last week that there is no timetable for CM Punk's WWE return but there was talk recently that officials want him back in the ring at the June 16th Payback pay-per-view from Chicago.

Look, I get why the company would want him back so soon. For starters, the event is being held in his hometown, so it makes complete sense for him to be involved with it in some fashion. However, the WWE really needs to weigh the benefit vs. the risk and decide whether it's worth bringing him back before he is ready.

Keep in mind, the company is in a bad way right now, as many of its top guys have been nursing injuries since WrestleMania 29. Unfortunately, both John Cena and Dolph Ziggler have been the latest casualties to the injury bug. However, they are finding ways to work around their issues to help the company out.

Ultimately, I feel the WWE needs to reconsider its touring schedule. Yes, it makes the company profitable and makes it stand out from its competition. However, with so many of its stars dropping like flies, one has to wonder if the WWE should go the route of TNA and at the very least lessen its pay-per-view schedule.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they have to drop down to four, but a healthy six to eight a year might not be a bad thing. Especially when you factor in the events that nobody really cares to see.

In the end, we will have to wait and see if this news comes to fruition or if this is just another product of the never-ending CM Punk rumor mill.