Brock's Confrontation with Triple H and the 7 Questions to Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 13, 2013

After beating down his office at WWE headquarters, Brock Lesnar has accepted Triple H's invitation to meet him one-on-one in Tulsa, Okla., this week on the "Go Home" show of Monday Night Raw.

Let the fireworks begin?

We saw the "invasion" of Lesnar and his associate, Paul Heyman, destroy the COO of the WWE's office on camera (all staged of course) as a way to further get under Triple H's skin. All it did was further the match stakes in the "Steel Cage" match between the two.

As I have stated before, I am actually intrigued to see this feud come to a final match. Triple H is one of the few wrestlers who could give Lesnar a match on equal footing. The Undertaker is hurt and will require surgery. Sheamus is in purgatory. Randy Orton cannot decide if he wants to be a face or a heel (he seems to be enjoying his feud with Big Show). Mark Henry would be great in this role, but he is chasing Sheamus around.

If the WWE had just kept to its plan of having Mark Henry continue to challenge John Cena, we could have seen Ryback and Lesnar face each other.

That's life and this is the WWE. What else would you expect?

The Raw on Monday night needs to deliver, get us excited and lead us into a week of anticipation. There have been six weeks since WrestleMania 29, and we are still trying to recover from it. Also, here are some questions which need to be answered during the program.

What will happen with Kaitlyn and AJ? I am hoping this will be resolved Monday night. Will it be added to Extreme Rules? It would be awesome to see the two of them in a cage match, but that won't happen. Could this be an extreme match? It should be. These two can deliver and have decent chemistry in the ring. And somehow, I see Dolph Ziggler interfering in this match and costing AJ the title.

Who will be left out of the pay-per-view? You can bet Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston will not be on the card, which stinks since they are title holders and should be included in every single pay-per-view. I would like to see Fandango face Kingston and Chris Jericho get into a program with Barrett. If the WWE is reading this, maybe they will take my thoughts into consideration.

What happens to The Miz? Who knows? I hope it does not include Miz TV. I also hope it does not include him working solely as a face. The Miz has charisma and a great look, but as a face he's awful. Would he be great in tag team wrestling? Yes. Maybe with Jericho. If he were a heel, he and Fandango would be a better pairing. The company needs to find a medium between Miz and his marketing power.

Does The Shield challenge Team Hell No for the titles at Extreme Rules? It better happen. This is the plan the WWE needs to stand behind; titles need to start finding their way to the waists of Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Once the titles become a part of The Shield's shtick, it will only be a matter of time before they start looking toward the WWE Title.

Does Batista finally make an appearance? No, next question.

Does Christian finally return? No, next question.

What do we expect from Ryback and John Cena? Not sure, but I do not expect it to be big. I think there will be some kind of battle, and that The Shield may be involved. This has been a very tame feud of sorts.

Hopefully, we see Ryback grow a little more of an attitude, better dialogue and more of a menacing feel from the crowd. John Cena needs to really sell this, as he has to lose this match to look even better in the eyes of the WWE Universe.