WWE/TNA's Forbidden Truth of Wrestling: Did Austin Aries Go Too Far on Impact?

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIMay 13, 2013

In a world where WWE dominates the floodgates of social media and every news site/dirtsheet on the planet, there is no demand of sexual harassment in Vince McMahon's camp at the current moment. Alas, Dixie Carter of TNA Impact has run into a big problem, and it all stemmed from last Thursday's Impact show. 

Austin Aries, current TNA employee and former world champion, has made news of the wrong connotation. 

During a match on Impact, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries were set to square off against Bad Influence, Kazarian and Christopher Daniels. However, ring announcer Christy Hemme announced the wrong name during the first entrance. 

Hemme announced Aries and Roode as Bad Influence and A-Double took a big exception to that mistake. 

Let me take you through the sequence of events that followed: 

Aries got into the face of Hemme and made her announce it again, but correctly. She proceeded to do so and acting like the heel AA is, he then mounted the turnbuckle with his crotch in the face of Hemme. As Hemme laughed it off, she finished the announcement of Aries and Roode properly and then the match got underway as scheduled. 

The next day, Hemme took to Twitter and complained about the incident. However, she deleted the tweet before I could get a copy of it, but it wasn't thanking Aries, I'm sure of that notion. 

I've explained all of this to serve as a a preface for my next statement: This whole situation has been overblown by the media and, more importantly, Mark Madden. Madden, a current Wrestlezone.com columnist and 105.9 the X DJ, tweeted at me yesterday. 

@jonfisher_we If you think Hemme, or any women, "deserved it," well...so much for your credibility. It's sexual harassment.

— Mark Madden (@MarkMaddenX) May 12, 2013

His Twitter feed has been blowing up because of the event pulled by Aries last Thursday and claims it is bullying and sexual harassment? 

Is it really? 

Let's get past the fact that the world we live in is very PC (politically correct). I'm not in favor of one stance or the other, but this is professional wrestling and a heel has to be a heel and a face has to be a face. 

A-Double is a heel and a very good one, too. The thought of getting heat passes the minds of all professional wrestlers and how they can generate great heat. 

His idea was to put his crotch in the face of Hemme for a few seconds and have people hate his guts. 

On the other hand, it might have been too much. Maybe putting a man's junk in the face of a co-worker isn't the smartest and most proper thing to do. Then again, it's a fine line between what you can and cannot do during a wrestling event. 

Last year at a house show, CM Punk berated a male fan by claiming the fan had "a vagina," among other contentious remarks. Punk got in trouble for it, but he was a heel playing a heel. Remember, it's all a show. These are actors and performers giving the fans a show to never forget. 

I can guarantee we'll never forget the time Austin Aries mounted the turnbuckle and happened to catch Christy Hemme on a bad day. 

One thing is for certain, if Aries was a face, that would have never happened. A face would not do something like that and there are reports that I've read from wrestlers saying Aries is a great guy and wouldn't be that disrespectful. 

However, he tweeted a few remarks that have caught the attention of all Impact fans. 

The terms "nuts," "sacks," and "balls" have been utilized to generate a reaction before, but they should not not be used in order to be disrespectful. 

To be completely frank, I believe it to be a grey area. Aries should definitely apologize for what he did, but nothing else. I don't think a suspension should be issued or his contract should be terminated. It was a heel move that went too far. 

Now, let me open the floor to your opinions. What do you think? Should Aries be fired or suspended? At the moment, Dixie Carter has not even mentioned the situation whatsoever. 

That is a problem.