What Are Dean Ambrose's Chances of Winning the United States Championship?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistMay 17, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

All it took was one pinfall to make the most outspoken member of the upstart faction The Shield, a top contender for Kofi Kingston's WWE United States championship.

Now Dean Ambrose is primed to make a lasting impact upon the company when he gets a shot at that title at the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per view.

It wont be an easy task to defeat Kingston, whose blend of speed and agility make him a formidable opponent. However, Ambrose is not without his own merits, and will need to rely upon all of them to come out on top of this encounter.

With a swagger unseen in recent memory, Ambrose's cockiness and steadfast belief in the group ideal have made him perhaps the most dangerous member of his group. He blends good size (6'4"), speed and aggression into a mix that would befuddle even the best that the WWE roster has to offer.

Add to that the fact that Ambrose is a slick talker when delivering a promo, and you have a young and hungry superstar that will not rest until his goal is accomplished. In this case, that does not bode well for Kingston or the United States title.

One need only look at Ambroses' victory over Kingston in tag team competition as proof of his qualifications. Sure, Kingston was pushed off the top rope by Seth Rollins, and perhaps whatever high flying move he was attempting would have been successful.

But that did not happen, and like a predator pouncing upon his prey, Ambrose quickly hit a headlock driver on the champ for the emphatic 1-2-3.  He had previously done the same thing to Kane on SmackDown.

That move in and of itself is proof that Ambrose is dangerous.

Taking one of the fundamental wrestling holds, one that is learned very early on in wrestling training, and turning into a high impact finishing hold is nothing short of phenomenal.

Sure, guys like Sami Callihan and Derrick Bateman have used the move in the past but Ambrose has now showcased it on a national stage.

It is interesting to think of the situation that could arise should Ambrose win the US title at Extreme Rules, while Rollins and Roman Reigns could win the tag team titles from Kane and Daniel Bryan.

The Shield are already an incredibly dangerous team. Imagine the amount of damage that they would be capable of inflicting if not only their goals, their message, but also a championship belt were at stake.

That scenario could possibly lead everyone in the WWE Universe to finally believe in the Shield.