Dwyane Wade's Outrageous Capri Pants Make You Do a Double-Take

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

Dwyane Wade may or may not get some of his game-day outfits from Gabrielle Union's closet.

The Miami Heat superstar showed up to the United Center for Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls sporting capris, because apparently full-fledged pants just wouldn't do.

I'm not really digging this look, and believe me, I tried. I wanted to be able to say that Wade looked dapper from head to shin, but he just doesn't.

To go along with his I'm-wearing-pants-but-not-quite look, polka dots enveloped Wade's suit, and he donned some very Steve Urkel-esque facial rims.

Nothing compares to those capris, though.

They've become a bit more popular—but still incredibly rare—among males, but that doesn't mean they look good. Ashton Kutcher knows what I'm talking about. And now, hopefully, so does Wade.

Admittedly, I may have been able to board this unorthodox train had they been cargo capris. That really would have sold the laid-back beach look. But 1) I'm sure that would have violated the NBA's dress code and 2) these ones here are appear to be form-fitting, which is yet another mistake.

When it comes to matters of male capris, the baggier the better. Wade must not have read that memo thoroughly enough. It was located right between "polka dots are out" and "don slip-on footwear with caution."

I suppose we should give Wade points for being bold with his wardrobe. There's nothing wrong with experimenting.

There is, however, something very wrong with stealing Nate Robinson's pants and attempting to pass them off as capris. It's just mean.

If Wade didn't get these from Robinson or his beau, I'm at a complete loss for what salesman or personal stylist would knowingly allow him to purchase them. I mean, what exactly about this outfit screams "good idea"?

I'm listening intently, but all I hear are the cries from his bare ankles, along with the sound of his reputation as an NBA fashionista going up in flames.

Fittingly enough, that's where these capris belong, in a heaping pile of ash, never to be worn by Wade or Robinson or Union (or your sister) again.

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