Sarah Jones: a Hot Prospect?

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IApril 28, 2009

Yes, another week hath past in the wonderful world of professional wrestling and I am still yearning for even more independent women's wrestling. With extensive searching for more independents that offer women's wrestling, I find myself looking further afield than the US and Japan.

Yes, the United States has Shimmer and with watching almost all of their DVD collection, there isn't really anything happening with them until the next two releases. Also, I know the US has other indies that put on women's wrestling matches, but who would want to watch women tear and bleed at the hands of men? To me, that's not "women's wrestling."

So I was left at a favourite destination for wrestling fans...YouTube. Yes, that's right, try to deny it, but I can assure you that 25 percent of a typical fan's consumption of wrestling is through YouTube. This left me following links from videos to other videos and so on, until about thirty minutes later I was taken to a video from NWE, an Italian independent promotion, and I was astonished by one performer in particular: Sarah Jones. As I watched the match, I had found a charismatic female talent with an  undoubtedly bright future ahead of her.

With only going back professionally to 2007, she has already earned her first piece of gold: the European Queens of Chaos title. Also, she has faced two of the top European women's wrestlers, Roxi and Jetta. She has faced not only European talent, but American talent, with the likes of Portia Perez, Christy Hemme, and the elite veteran that is Luna Vachon.

The purpose of this article is solely the promotion of this great yet underrated talent, so much so that most people I have spoken to about her haven't even heard of NWE, not to mention Sarah Jones. So if you get the chance to watch her in action, whether it be live or on YouTube, please comment here and shre your views. Also, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that by this time next year, she will have been on a Shimmer volume, and possible more.

- Steven D