Titus Young Reportedly Charged with Yet Another Burglary

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 15, 2013

That hole Titus Young is stuck in is just a tad deeper than we thought it was. 

The football world is already stunned by how far the former Detroit Lions wide receiver has fallen, and now we hear he was reportedly charged with another burglary on top of the three other recent arrests. 

Here is the news via tweets from Yahoo! Sports columnist Jason Cole and Lions beat writer Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press:

The Detroit Free Press reports Young was in an Orange County, Calif., courthouse on Tuesday for his arraignment stemming from eight criminal charges that could amount to "up to more than 7 1/2 years in California prison, with two other cases pending."

Cole broke down the multitude of arrests for the former Boise State standout. 

First off, six of the eight charges Young pleaded not guilty to are from last Friday, when Young is alleged to have broken into a San Clemente house. When officers arrived at the scene, the 23-year-old is said to have resisted arrest, accosted an officer and fled from the scene. 

While that may be the more memorable of Young's legal exploits, there are a few others that he is now being taken to task for. 

Consider the incident on May 4 mentioned in the tweets above—first reported by The Detroit Newswherein Young is accused of stealing from a Chevron convenience store in Laguna Hills, Calif.

And then came May 5, when Young was, according to Cole, pulled over for "suspicion of driving under the influence," and cited for trying to break into the tow yard where his car was impounded shortly thereafter. 

This is an astounding and very unfortunate spree for an athlete who really should be highlighting a receiver corps for an NFL team at the moment. 

It would be far too easy to shake our respective heads at the athlete and consider him just another failed star who threw it all away. But as we have learned, things are never that simple and run much deeper than a troubled young man with a propensity to break the law. 

Young's father, Richard Young, spoke to Birkett recently:

I hope they just forgive Titus because this ain’t none of Titus, it wasn’t none of his fault. I look at my son right now, I don’t see my son. That’s not my son. I know my son. Titus is not the boy I really raised, I’m saying the way he act, the way he intermix in society right now. He shut down, he look through you, it’s like he’s depressed. He don’t like to watch TV, he don’t like to get involved with music that much. And these are the things that you’ve got to know what’s going on in the world. Cause we in the world, you’ve got to have a relationship with the world. You’ve got to deal with people. I don’t know, but we’ve been trying to get him help.

The elder Young then recalled an emotional exchange he had with his son recently: 

"Daddy, I don’t know what’s going on with me."

He said, "I don’t feel good." He just started crying, Richard Young said. He said, "I just don’t feel good. I’m not myself, I don’t feel good, Dad. I don’t know what’s happening to me."

The father believes a concussion started Titus down the wrong road. His problems, whatever may be the cause, have put his professional football career on hold.


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