Vince McMahon Not a Fan of Antonio Cesaro Is No Surprise to Me

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2013

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Exactly a month ago I said on Twitter, Vince McMahon isn't a fan of Antonio Cesaro.

Not saying Kofi doesn't deserve a run or that Cesaro didn't have belt for a while...I'm just TELLING YOU VKM don't like Cesaro

Now, Dave Meltzer is saying/confirming basically the same thing noting that top WWE officials find Cesaro boring.

When I first found out the way I did that McMahon wasn't crazy about Cesaro, I was disappointed but not surprised.

Cesaro has a lot of similarities to the situation CM Punk and Daniel Bryan walked into. They are all “Internet guys” who were very successful on the independent wrestling circuit. When you go to WWE, you start over. They don't care how big of a deal and draw you were elsewhere. You have to prove yourself there.

But, the independent star isn't everything. Look at the personality dynamics.

We've heard it in so many places, most notably the official CM Punk DVD that WWE released in 2012. People in WWE, McMahon included, just didn't get Punk. Didn't know what an Anaconda Vise was. Didn't know how a guy who looked like him could ever be a star to connect to the common people. Didn't know how a guy could be straight edge and not ever have a drink, smoke or anything else.

Remember, wrestling is a fraternal culture. Fraternities aren't known for their diversity.

Daniel Bryan came in and was a guy who ate a funny diet, dressed differently and was small.

Antonio Cesaro has wrestled in over 10 different prominent organizations prior to WWE, speaks different languages and apparently overall doesn't provide enough excitement to the powers that be.

I've heard fans confused asking how Cesaro has won a mid-card title or is even in the company if McMahon isn't a big fan. Hiring talent from the independent scene isn't what McMahon does. He isn't involved in that process. He deals with the talent when they come to the main roster. I'm sure he knows that Cesaro knows his way around a wrestling ring, but that isn't what matters.

If you get to his television show of WWE Raw, he wants to know what you're going to draw for him, or at least entertain him personally.

Lance Storm knew his way around a wrestling ring. but WWE was interested in more. Charlie Haas knew his way around a wrestling ring, but paint drying was more exciting to watch.

As for winning a title―lately it seems winning a U.S. or Intercontinental title doesn't have the same valuable meaning to your career that it use to. Look at the amount of non-title losses the mid-card champs suffer on television or times they aren't defended on pay-per-views.

Plus, CM Punk won the ECW title and Money In The Bank briefcase when he first was with WWE. Daniel Bryan got the U.S. Title before his career really took off in WWE.

The WWE Championship is what ultimately matters the most. If you get that, you've won the right people over. That's why I laugh when people think The Miz is in the doghouse. The Miz is a PR dream for WWE and represents the crossover to other mainstream platforms that they like.

His problems stem because he's a natural heel they're trying to push as a face...because they like him in a PR capacity.

It's all perception. I'd imagine from McMahon's standpoint, it's two things―can I make money off of him or can I personally relate to him?

There had never been a WWE poster boy who looked like CM Punk or Daniel Bryan, so it took convincing for McMahon to think he could make money off of them. He certainly couldn't relate to them.

John Cena fits the bill. He shares McMahon's passion for fitness. He's a hard worker and has a marketable, all-American look. Big Show is a draw with his size and also has personal attributes/interests McMahon can relate to. Go down the line in those who have seen WWE success and will always be around.

Not jumping on a Cesaro bandwagon doesn't surprise me with McMahon when you think about what he likely looks for. It surprises me that you might see entertainment flare in Cesaro when McMahon went on camera and proclaimed Drew McIntyre “the chosen one.”  McIntyre is talented in the ring but that's all the praise I can give him.

Bottom line, I'm not shocked to know Cesaro isn't a pet project of McMahon's like Fandango is. It doesn't mean the end of the line for Cesaro. Just as Punk emerged to be the biggest star behind Cena and Bryan took the world by storm with a three-letter word.

As long as Cesaro is on the roster, with his abilities as an entertainer―I'll never count him out as a possible big star in WWE.