Redskins' Roster Review: Breaking Down Washington's Wide Receivers

Dilan AmesCorrespondent IMay 21, 2013

Garcon is the leader of the Redskins' receiving corps.
Garcon is the leader of the Redskins' receiving corps.Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Washington Redskins finally found a solid receiving corps in 2012, and it looks to be even better in 2013. 

Granted, it definitely helps having a quarterback like Robert Griffin III throwing the ball, but that should not take away from the production of Washington’s incumbent receivers. 

The starting two receivers will likely turn out to be Pierre Garçon and Josh Morgan, with Santana Moss manning the slot. The fourth spot on the depth chart belongs to Aldrick Robinson for now. He was a pleasant surprise on offense for Washington last season. 

The Redskins also picked up undrafted free agent Skye Dawson, a TCU product who made a name for himself in college. 

This is arguably the most solid corps of Redskins receivers in the past seven seasons. Although there are some young and unproven players, Washington has several pieces in place to build a scary passing offense.


The Good

If it weren’t for an unfortunate injury early in his 2012-13 season, Garçon would have more than likely been a 1,000-yard receiver. He will be back and healthy by the time the season rolls around and will definitely be a weapon for the ‘Skins. 

Aside from Garçon, Washington has two other veterans who will once be again be heavy contributors in 2013. Morgan and Moss were two of the more consistent guys in the NFC last year, and after another offseason of bonding and meshing with RG3, they should be even better next season. 

Another player to watch next season will be Robinson. Robinson is still pretty young and has shown great explosion in the passing game. He scored only three touchdowns last year, but if he is given an increased role in 2013, expect his numbers to rise at an impressive rate. 


The Bad

Dezmon Briscoe has been an interesting player in recent years. While he was never terrible, he was never really that good. Although he was the Bucs’ leading receiver a couple of years ago, he was still pretty inconsistent. 

While he didn’t get a ton of playing time last year, Briscoe didn’t do much of anything when he was in games. He had a grand total of two catches for five yards in 2012. He was brought in to be a dependable fourth or fifth receiver, but he’ll be lucky to make it through training camp. 

While Dawson did show flashes of greatness in college, there is a reason he went undrafted. While it’s not like he’s really done anything to be labeled as “bad”, he is unproven, and that is not a thing the Redskins need. 

If he does well, then that will be awesome for Washington, but odds are that the undrafted pass-catcher will not make the team.


The Ugly

When Washington selected Leonard Hankerson in the third round of the NFL draft a few years ago, many expected him to become the solid No. 2 receiver that they so desperately needed across from Moss. 

Well, that didn’t happen. 

He has dropped close to half of the passes thrown his way since he was drafted with the majority of them coming last season. He has not been a dependable receiver whatsoever, and could be on the chopping block if he has another poor season in 2013. 

Although expectations are never too terribly high for third-rounders, he definitely has not lived up to the expectations that were set for him and could lose his job because of it.

When looking at the Redskins’ receiving chart, there is much to look forward to, but there are still some things to be nervous about.

Overall, they have a pretty good mix of veteran leadership and sprite young players who make up a pretty solid group as Washington’s building is starting to pay off.