Tim Tebow Would Still Make a Positive Impact for These NFL Teams

John RozumCorrespondent IMay 19, 2013

Will someone give Tebow a chance in 2013?
Will someone give Tebow a chance in 2013?USA TODAY Sports

Tim Tebow's skill set and talent remain marketable in the NFL, regardless of his passing mechanics.

Unfortunately, by not giving him a legitimate opportunity last year, the New York Jets prevented him a chance to showcase any of that talent.

His run in the 2011 season with the Denver Broncos was only a glimpse, though, because there were still flawed mechanics and ill-advised decision-making.

That said, he still has the potential to make a positive impact; NFL fans were just denied it last season.

As for this season, not every team is set at quarterback, and Tebow's talent fits some teams better than some might initially think.


Oakland Raiders

Oakland doesn't have a lock for the long-term future at quarterback.

Matt Flynn saw hardly any time with the Green Bay Packers, with his best game coming against the Detroit Lions in Week 17 of 2011. It didn't impact regular-season standings and was against a suspect pass defense.

He also spent all of last year holding a clipboard for rookie quarterback Russell Wilson in Seattle.

Terrelle Pryor also has minimal game experience. Despite his intriguing athleticism, he is still very raw and has a lot of work to do before he can prove to be the starting quarterback.

Meanwhile, Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin are both rookies.

Compare all of these players' combined established ability, and it's not a stretch to argue that Tebow outweighs everyone for the Raiders.

In Oakland, Tebow would be provided with explosive receivers to target downfield. Combined with his mobility to extend plays, Tebow's arm strength will enable him to make plays in various ways.

Minnesota Vikings

No matter the developmental strides from Christian Ponder, Minnesota can utilize Tebow a variety of ways. Also, Joe Webb just moved from quarterback to receiver, according to Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune:

Those who thought Joe Webb had no future as a quarterback should be happy, because the former Alabama-Birmingham standout has become a full-time wide receiver for the Vikings.

In addition, Matt Cassel is not a reliable solution after having inconsistent campaigns with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Ponder is undoubtedly the best option right now, but bringing in Tebow would add an intriguing dynamic to the offense.

Whether it's occasionally at quarterback, fullback or tight end in a four-wide set opposite Kyle Rudolph, Tebow's athleticism is an advantage for Minnesota. He'd also work nicely in simply taking attention away from Adrian Peterson, which, in turn, will prevent defenses from constantly stacking the box.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles reportedly had no interest in Tim Tebow, as tweeted by Reuben Frank of CSN Philadelphia on April 29:

But the offensive philosophy of coach Chip Kelly is still perfect for Tebow's style of play.

Even if only restricted to a limited quarterback role, Tebow's scrambling ability would expand Philadelphia's playbook. He would also be surrounded by incredibly athletic players in Lane Johnson, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson.

Similar to Minnesota, the Eagles have an explosive running back to help set up the pass. By the same token, Tebow can become a short-yard situation advantage regardless of where he lines up.

With plenty of time until the 2013 season kicks off, don't be surprised if someone makes a move for Tebow as the real games close in.