WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results: Good, Bad and Ugly from Sunday's PPV

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 20, 2013

Photo via WWE.com
Photo via WWE.com

After one of the wildest Extreme Rules pay-per-views in history, the 2013 edition of the WWE’s marquee show featured plenty of good, a few moments of bad and one of the coolest moments in years that resulted in ugly injuries.

From the explosive opener between Chris Jericho and Fandango to the main event between Brock Lesnar and Triple H, this was one of the best PPVs the WWE Universe will ever get from a non-Big Four show.

The Extreme Rules PPV was a success for the WWE overall, and after Sunday’s show, it’s clear that there were some good, some bad and some ugly moments.


The Good: The Shield’s Domination

If you didn’t believe in The Shield before, the fact that the trio has now won the WWE Tag Team Championship and the United States Championship proves that there are very big plans for the talented heel stable.

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns dominated Sunday at Extreme Rules in their respective matches, and now that the trio has won all the gold they were going after, it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

Daniel Bryan, Kane and Kofi Kingston will not go down without a fight. Each member of the teams is very talented in the ring, and the hope that this possible six-man tag match will be on Monday’s Raw has the WWE Universe excited.

The age of The Shield has officially begun.


The Bad: The Referee Replay Fiasco

It was during the Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger No. 1 contender "I Quit" match that Zeb Colter threw in the towel behind the ref’s back and made it look like Ricardo Rodriguez did it on behalf of Del Rio.

After awarding the win to Swagger, the referee went to a replay monitor, like we see in the other major sports, and reversed the call. With the match restarted, Del Rio got the upper hand and went on to win.

ESPN’s Robert Flores chimed in with his take on the comparison between the MLB and WWE replay systems:

The human element and the possibility that referees can make errors is what wrestling storytelling is all about. If the WWE starts using replay too often, it will take away from the storytelling and how well heels can master their craft.

Imagine if wrestling had instant replay for Ric Flair matches.


The Ugly: John Cena and Ryback’s Stage Spot

While the ugly section is usually saved for the worst moment of the night, the Extreme Rules PPV featured one of the most brutal spots in wrestling history when Ryback and John Cena went through the light wall of the stage.

Both men were too inured to continue, and Cena was put on a stretcher, but it was the extreme nature of this moment that made the PPV feel as hardcore as advertised.

Even if both men are completely healthy, this was a wild moment that looked convincingly dangerous on screen.

A draw was the easy way for the WWE to get out of handing either one of these stars a loss, and with Ryback putting Cena through the wall and not capturing the title, the company can continue this feud through Payback in June at the very least.


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