Goldberg Lashes out Against WWE and Triple H on Twitter

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 19, 2013

Some of the on-screen tension between Triple H and Goldberg spilled off-screen (from
Some of the on-screen tension between Triple H and Goldberg spilled off-screen (from

It seems we can definitely rule out a Bill Goldberg return, with the star recently lashing out against WWE and Triple H on his official Twitter account

Bill Goldberg, who found fame in WCW as a monster babyface, signed with WWE in early 2003 to much fanfare and attention.

Sadly, as I discussed last month, the wrestler failed to make anything close to the impact in WWE than he did in WCW. It's hard to say exactly why his run with America's No. 1 wrestling promotion didn't work, but the muddled booking of his character probably didn't help (anyone remember Goldust and the wig?).

Following his disastrous match with Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 20 in 2004, he departed the company and has since stayed out of the limelight, preferring to spend time with his family and pick up the odd movie role (you can see him, Steve Austin and a whole bunch of other wrestlers in 2005's The Longest Yard.)

He has given the occasional interview, however, in which he has been critical of the company.

Yes, it seems Goldberg wasn't too happy with his time in WWE, something he confirmed on Twitter two days ago when asked if he would ever return:

The 46-year-old also had for harsh words for Triple H, currently next in line to run WWE after Vince McMahon.

As WrestlingInc notes, the star was also engaged in a war of words with Ryan "Ryback" Reeves late last year over disparaging remarks the former Nexus member made to WWE Magazine about him.

Of course, while many would question the wisdom of trashing his former employer and two of its wrestlers so vociferously, it's doubtful that Goldberg cares.

After all, he's made enough money to not have to bother playing nice with Vince McMahon if he doesn't want to. Considering how ambivalent he is toward the company, it's unlikely he's itching to get into the WWE Hall of Fame, either.