John Cena vs. Ryback Extreme Rules 2013: Epic Match Will Further Propel Feud

Tim KeeneyContributor IMay 20, 2013

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We haven't seen the last of John Cena vs. Ryback. 

Leading up to Extreme Rules, that's a statement that likely would have been met with endless pessimism. But after the duo's instant-classic battle during Sunday night's PPV, the WWE universe is ready for more of the suddenly scintillating feud. 

For some inexplicable reason, the company refused to set the WWE championship as the main event at the Scottrade Center on Sunday, instead opting to finish the show with Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H III. 

Apparently, Cena and Ryback took offense. 

Because the show they put on vastly exceeded meager expectations and as the clear match of the night, it will be remembered for a long time.

To start off, the action inside the ring was spectacular: Ryback extending Cena straight up above his head; both wrestlers sending each other through tables on separate occasions; Cena powerbombing Ryback. 

Neither man is someone you would put at the apex of a list of tactically sound wrestlers, but the combination of strength and agility they showcased was downright thrilling.

And that was before they even left the ring.

Once the Cenation leader speared Ryback through the barricade and into the audience, the match was taken to a completely, almost unbelievably enthralling level. 

Snaking through the arena like the classic matches you'll watch on YouTube for the nostalgia, Cena and Ryback continued to only multiply and intensify the spots. 

Mr. Feed Me More took apart a freaking wall and crushed Cena with it.

The champion responded by setting the challenger onto a table, climbing up a level and launching himself through said table and monster.

Then, after Cena broke out the fire extinguisher, it happened—the moment that will help define each of these wrestlers' careers. 

Ryback countered an AA by Cena and absolutely bulldozed him through the entrance stage wall, resulting in a explosion of sparks and a buzz throughout the arena saved for only the most breath-taking, jaw-dropping moments. 

After the dust had settled, Cena was put on a stretcher and the match ended in a "no contest." For those worrying, the injury (at least the major one that was played up) wasn't real, as we found out later during the post-show:

Sure, there were slight disappointments with the match. The amount of nine-counts became too unbelievable, and the final result wasn't ideal. 

But the spots. It was the type of match where you end up having trouble deciding what your favorite moment was because everything just blurs together as one brilliant 22-minute roller coaster. 

And best of all, the feud will continue. 

It will undoubtedly be difficult for the duo to put forth a repeat performance, especially without a stipulation like Sunday's, but any questions regarding their chemistry together were answered with a resounding match that pleasantly shocked the wrestling world. 

Even if the rematch is only a quarter as good, I'm ready for the WWE to feed me more Ryback vs. Cena at June's appropriately named Payback.