Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H: Previewing Each Star's WWE Future After Extreme Rules

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIMay 20, 2013


WWE Extreme Rules was an event of extraordinary brutality, with no contest quite as brutal as the steel cage match between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. The two went back and forth with no remorse, eventually seeing the end when Lesnar hit Triple H with a one-legged F-5 to pick up the win.

So, what's next for each of these Superstars after their rubber match at Extreme Rules?

Lesnar and Triple H went to battle in the only manner we've come to expect, holding nothing back while bringing the pain. Both men went for shots with the sledgehammer, steel chairs and the unforgiving steel structure.

More times than not, they connected.

The action started fast, as Triple H took it to Lesnar during his entrance, attacking him from behind and slamming him head first into the cage. Triple H even jumped off of the top rope for a strike, displaying how far he was willing to go to win.

Unfortunately, even on one leg, Lesnar proved to be too much.

Lesnar missed with a knee strike and collided with the steel cage, but that was hardly enough to hold him back. From furious grapples to dangerous shots with steel chairs and sledgehammers, there was no love lost in this one.

Where will these two stars go from here?


Brock Lesnar

After taking part in their third, and potentially final, match, there's reason to believe that Brock Lesnar and Triple H will move on to new pursuits. In Lesnar's case, that appears to be the only rational option at this stage of the game.

After all, Lesnar hasn't done much other than wrestle Triple H since returning to the WWE.

Assuming Lesnar wants to work on a consistent basis, there's reason to believe that he'll enter the chase for the WWE Championship. John Cena and Ryback appear to be locked into their feud for the foreseeable future, but we'd be remiss to ignore the potential here.

Cena and Lesnar were the biggest stars of their respective eras, and their last legitimate—or at least noteworthy—feud came before Cena entered his prime.

There's reason to believe that Cena and Lesnar will be able to draw headlines, even if it is months down the road. If the WWE opts to pursue that route, Lesnar must be thrust into a storyline of note as soon as possible.

Randy Orton would be the most intriguing storyline for clear reasons, while Sheamus appears to be the only other rational face for Lesnar to tackle.

Regardless of whom Lesnar draws, the only way to make his weekly appearances work is to have him in the main event. If Lesnar is to remain limited in his appearances, however, the approach doesn't change as much as you'd think.

Even if he's not doing a weekly program, Lesnar needs to be with a top draw for the WWE to produce a believable storyline.


Triple H

Triple H has been ruling WWE television and pay-per-views for nearly 20 years. From his time as the Connecticut Blue Blood to his tenure as the leader of Evolution, there isn't much that Triple H hasn't done in this industry.

The question is simple: What more can he do as a wrestler?

Triple H is an eight-time WWE champion, a five-time World Heavyweight champion and a five-time Intercontinental champion, amongst various other feats. He was the second-ever Grand Slam champion, and he won the 1997 King of the Ring and conquered the 2002 Royal Rumble match.

Heck, he's even won the Slammy Award for best hair.

At 43, however, we can't help but wonder what more this active legend can achieve from here on out. Prior to his feud with Brock Lesnar, it appeared as if Triple H would be hanging up the boots and taking on a larger role as a backstage presence.

Even as he does the latter, however, Triple H has managed to perform at a high level in the ring.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, Triple H is unlikely to wrestle in weekly appearances. While his tenures as world champion have always come with great results—and likely would again if he were crowned—there's only so much a man of Triple H's age can offer on a weekly basis.

If anyone can do it, however, we know it's The Game.

With that being said, this match ended with Lesnar resting the sledgehammer across Triple H's chest. That was the ultimate burial style ending, which sparks the rational belief that his career is all but over in the ring.

Anything is possible, but there are only so many storylines you can work out of this ending.