NFL, NFLPA Reportedly Looking to Push Draft to May, Move Up Start of League Year

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IMay 20, 2013

There already isn't much of an offseason for the NFL, and the league's schedule reportedly is on the verge of becoming even more of a year-round event.

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Monday that the NFL and NFLPA are "on the verge" of moving the NFL draft to May and moving up the start of the new league year to before the combine, which started on Feb. 20 this year:

These proposed moves would allow teams more time to get their rosters in order before the draft. The proposed changes would also give teams more time to investigate potential rookies before singing them to lucrative contracts.  

Schefter further elaborated on that the league would like to have regional scouting combines leading up to the main NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, rather than the other way around.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network verified Schefter's report and provided some other insight as to why the league is considering the move:

According to a report by Albert Breer of back in March, the union isn't totally on board with changes to the calendar:

The biggest issue the union and its players have with the calendar, according to the source, is the idea of free agency being backed up further in the year, leaving those players in limbo for longer.

It will be interesting to see what the two sides have done to alleviate these concerns, should the new calendar become effective. 

One final note of interest, per Schefter, is that Roger Goodell has the power to change the date of the draft without NFLPA approval but would rather move forward with the union's blessing.  

Given the contention between the NFL and NFLPA in recent years, it's a smart move by Goodell. 


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