Mock Help Wanted Ad for Brooklyn Nets' Open Head Coaching Position

Andrew KippContributor IIMay 21, 2013

Brooklyn Nets' owner Mikhail Prokhorov.
Brooklyn Nets' owner Mikhail Prokhorov.Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Help Wanted!

Offered by: Brooklyn Nets

Position: Head Coach

Location: Brooklyn, NY

About our organization

The Brooklyn Nets are an NBA team based in Brooklyn, New York. The Nets, founded in 1967, are a member of the Atlantic Division. The general manager of the team is Billy King, and the owner is Mikhail Prokhorov.

Core responsibilities

The team is loaded with talented playersincluding Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopezwho have a combined 10 All-Star Game appearances between them.

With such a talented roster at his disposal, the new head coach of the Brooklyn Nets will be responsible for maintaining a winning atmosphere, with the ultimate long-term goal of winning an NBA championship.

Last year’s starting lineup featured players with a combined 52 seasons worth of NBA experienceso the head coach must be able to earn the respect and trust of elite-level, veteran players.

The roster also features budding talents such as 24-year-old MarShon Brooks and 23-year-old Tyshawn Taylor. The new coach must be able to instill confidence in these younger, less experienced players, and develop their skills as the season progresses.

The development of Brooks and Taylor will be critical to the future success of the franchise. The head coach must work with these players individually, and make them understand that he’s invested in their improvement.

Developing the younger players will also give Williams and Johnson more time to rest. Both players played through nagging injuries last season and played too many minutes while injured.

The new coach must do a better job of managing his veteran star’s playing time throughout the season, so they don’t wear down over the course of the grueling 82-game season.

Certain playersincluding Johnson and Gerald Wallacefailed to live up to their big contracts last season. The new head coach will need to get the most out of every player on the roster, and make each player want to perform their very best on his behalf.

He must have a consistent approach that the players believe in, and buy into.

Prokhorov has a lot of money, but very little time to complete his five-year plan for winning an NBA Championship. The new coach must make sure he, Prokhorov and King are on the same page.

He must earn the trust and respect of the general manager and the owner. He must maintain an open dialogue with both, and share the same vision and goals for the franchise.

Above all else, the coach must instill mental and physical toughness in the team. Last season’s team was maddeningly inconsistent during the regular season and lost in the first round of the playoffs. The coach must hold players accountable for their performance and not allow them to become complacent.

He will need to manage the egos of players who know they’re going to be paid for multiple years, regardless of how they perform on the court.

Last summer, the team splurged, signing Deron Williams to a $100 million contract extension. Then took on the rest of Joe Johnson’s $89 million contract in addition to inking Gerald Wallace to a four-year, $40 million deal.

Individual achievements must take a backseat to the success of the team. The coach needs to make the players understand that their individual statistics mean nothing if the team isn’t winning.

The head coach needs to allocate responsibility to assistant coaches, and make sure his voice isn’t the only voice the players hear. He cannot be stubborn, and must show the ability to make intelligent and calculated adjustments during games and throughout the season.

The New York fans and media are unforgiving and are known for having very little patience.

The new head coach will certainly be under the microscope, so he needs to display strong leadership and characterespecially in the face of adversity.

Our requirements

  • Must be a great motivator and communicator
  • Must effectively preach discipline and mental toughness to create a strong team identity
  • Must be a defensive-minded coach
  • Must have the ability to manage egos
  • Must have thick skin and be able to take criticism from fans and the media
  • Must be able to make calculated in-game adjustments
  • Must have the team prepared to win every night
  • Must develop young talent
  • Must intelligently manage the minutes of older players and star players
  • Must not be afraid to make personnel adjustments
  • Must effectively allocate responsibility to assistant coaches
  • Must preach unselfish play on offense
  • Must facilitate continuity between core players, bench contributors, incoming free agents and rookies
  • Must preach consistency


Expectations for first season

  • Win at least 50 regular-season games
  • Earn a top-three spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs
  • Win a first-round playoff series

Thank you for your interest in the Brooklyn Nets head coaching position.


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