San Jose Sharks, We Hardly Knew Ye!

TigersharkCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009

Anaheim's  light-work done, a couple comments and then we can move on to the much more formidable Red-Wings:


1. Congratulations on your President's Trophy. Anaheim has never won a President's Trophy. We Ducks fans are very jealous of this.


2. Joe Thornton is not a loser and he is not soft. The Ducks are just a better hockey team than the Sharks. To prove it, please trade Thornton to Anaheim (we will give you Brett Hedican and a 4th rd draft pick). He will have his name on the Cup next year.


3. Patrick Marleau, on the other hand, is soft. He's a good hockey player but, in no way, should be the Captain of a team playing in the brutal Western Conference. The Sharks tried so hard to model themselves after the Ducks and then made *this* guy their Captain? Ouch.


4. Keeping Nabokov instead of Kiprusoff was mistake (as any Finn will tell you.) If you want to win with Nabokov, you need a solid regular season back-up so he isn't worn out by playoff time.


5.  Jeremy Roenick is over. Stop pretending that he isnt. He will have a long run on Dancing With the Stars, though.


6. You had a good regular season, be proud. You lost to a superior team, learn from it.


7. A final word of consolation to Bay Area Shark fans: You always have the Raiders and their new first round draft choice (a kick returner, basically) to root for.


Good bye and see you next year.