Tottenham Transfer Talk: Players Who Could Transform London Club Next Season

Alana Nassiah@AlanaNassiahCorrespondent IMay 22, 2013

Chicharito Hernandez could be on his way out of Manchester, the Spurs should make a bid.
Chicharito Hernandez could be on his way out of Manchester, the Spurs should make a bid.Michael Regan/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur's season did not end the way they wanted it to. The team was supposed to at least finish in fourth place and gain a spot in next year's UEFA Champions League tournament.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. 

Spurs have Gareth Bale, at least for now, but they still need to add a few more pieces before they can become a formidable club and compete with the best England has to offer.

The most immediate need for Spurs is a striker. Both Jermain Defoe and Emmanuel Adebayor were disappointments this season. The two are supposed to be bona fide goalscorers, but it was difficult to tell all season long.

If Tottenham had a striker it could have depended on, the season would have gone a lot more smoothly and Champions League qualification would have been assured. 

If Gareth Bale stays, a proven striker will have to be brought in first.

Here are some forwards the team should consider signing if they want to go to the next level and not only qualify for Champions League, but compete with the best in England as well. 


Chicharito Hernandez

Wayne Rooney is not an option for Tottenham. Manchester United will not sell one of its best players to a rival team in England. However, while Rooney is out of reach, Chicharito Hernandez may not be. 

Again, United may not be interested in aiding the opposition, but Hernandez needs more playing time that the team is simply unable to provide. 

Tottenham can guarantee that playing time, especially after they get rid of Adebayor (and they need to get rid of Adebayor).

Hernandez's numbers can drastically improve if he is on the field more. In the 36 games he played for United, he only started 22 yet was able to put away 18 goals. 

Compare that to both Adebayor and Defoe. Defoe played 42 games in all competitions for Spurs and managed 16 goals, while Adebayor played 34 games and scored just eight. These are not numbers worthy of a starting striker if the team is to qualify for the Champions League.

Hernandez can bring those goals if Manchester United is willing to sell him.

David Villa

One player who has been linked with a move to White Hart Lane in recent months is Barcelona's David Villa, according to Jack Fox of Metro.

Villa was once a Spanish National Team regular along with being a prolific goalscorer. However, under manager Tito Vilanova, Villa has lost significant playing time and is said to be looking for a new destination. 

The former Valencia player can still be lethal, as he has shown during his few appearances for both club and country this past season. In the 48 games he played for both Spain and Barcelona in all competitions, he had 17 goals only 29 starts. 

If Villa gets more playing time, he can be the feared striker he once was. He simply needs another chance. 

Spurs will have to pay about £15 million to gain Villa's services. He will be worth it. Yes, he is 31-years-old, but he most likely has a few more good seasons left in him. 


Edinson Cavani 

Edinson Cavani is not really a true option for Spurs, as he seems to be headed to Manchester City in exchange for Edin Dzeko, according to Daniel Jones of Metro. But anything can happen.

Years ago, Cavani was linked with a move to Tottenham, but unfortunately it never happened. 

Imagine if Cavani was on the team this past season. For both club and country, he scored a total of 40 goals. If he were up front for Tottenham, a Champions League spot wouldn't even be questioned.

He would have been the perfect pairing with Bale.

But a move for Cavani is all but impossible now. He will most likely join either City or Chelsea, but it's nice imagining what could have been. 

However, it can be looked at the other way as well. The fact that Cavani could have been a Tottenham player is infuriating. 

People argue that Tottenham is a one-man team, and at times this season, it certainly seemed like it was.

When someone needed to step up, it was almost always Bale. But next season, there has to be a player other than Bale who the fans can depend on.


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