Plaxico Burress Wants to Dominate the Sock Game, Launches Stylish Hosiery Line

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 22, 2013

Plaxico Burress is jumping into the sock game with both feet. 

The New York Times reports the Pittsburgh Steelers receiver is unveiling what he says is a fashion endeavor a couple of years in the making. 

You can find a great deal more about his fancy new socks and get a pair of your own at

The 35-year-old receiver presented his new business venture with the flash you might expect at a trendy nightclub last Friday night. 

The Times' Tony Gervino describes the sight of Burress' first steps into the fashion world, one that featured "a tower of Champagne-filled glasses, a Maserati convertible and female models wearing nothing but white tuxedo shirts, Buddy Holly eyeglasses and Plaxico Burress Collection socks on their feet."

Of course, as Gervino also notes, it's almost impossible not to recall Burress' most famous trip to the nightclub, an ill-fated one that culminated in a self-inflicted gunshot wound and subsequent stint in prison. 

But Burress isn't talking about that, nor is he chatting about football matters. When asked about the gridiron, Burress simply replied, "I’m only here to talk about socks."

So let's talk about them. 

Again, you can take a gander at the website as well as the previous tweets made available over at the newly launched @PlaxicosSocks

I know this is the point when we launch snarky comment after snarky comment, but I rather dig the direction the receiver is headed here. What, did you think he was just going to launch some regular Gold Toe-type socks?

Since my one and only measure of top-shelf socks is whether they stay on my feet, I don't know enough to proclaim these a total success. However, the key is to stand out, and Burress certainly does that here. 

The football star is even prepared to diversify his talents to other parts of your wardrobe. Burress offered, "The ultimate goal is to get into bow ties, cuff links and belts. Definitely belts. Come on, who doesn’t need a great belt?"

Well, it sounds like your belt needs will be answered in short order. You might also get some NFL-themed socks in some form. 

And so the man who once shot himself is getting deep into socks. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I know better. 


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