Vendor at Astros Game Fired After Bringing Snow Cones into Bathroom Stall

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 23, 2013

Who doesn’t like a good snow cone? They’re cool, refreshing and thought to be generally excrement-free, but even that now lies in question.

According to a report from Sports Illustrated, a vendor at a Houston Astros game was fired after bringing a tray of these icy treats into the bathroom while using the amenities.

A fan in attendance at Minute Maid Park in Houston Monday night noticed something peculiar when he went to use the bathroom—a tray of rainbow-colored snow cones sitting on the ground behind an occupied stall door.

The man immediately began filming the incident with his phone, capturing footage of an individual’s pants around his ankles, using the bathroom next to the open cups of ice.

Click here for video of the incident.

The man filming the video becomes increasingly disgusted by the situation, and he eventually confronts someone who appears to be an employee at the stadium. To put it nicely, the man lays out the situation in plain terms to the stadium employee. 

“Excuse me, you work here? You know you got a (bleeper) over here, taking a (bleep) with a snow-cone tray right in the (bleeping) bathroom?”

He’s got it right here on tape, he says. The employee walks to investigate the situation, and the video ends with the angry fan—the Captain Planet of food sanitation—saying how vile he finds it all. 

The video was shared by the fan with a local NBC news station, and the employee responsible has been fired. Astros president Reid Ryan gave a statement in response to the incident. 

The Astros were notified immediately by our partner ARAMARK of the incident involving a vendor on Monday night. We commend the swift reaction displayed by ARAMARK of terminating the employee immediately.

ARAMARK—Minute Maid Stadium’s exclusive concessionaire service—said this was an isolated event and a clear violation of standards.

I just hope those cones were thrown out and the tray was buried deep, deep under the stadium. Think of the children.