What A Classic If Rangers And Celtic Joins The Epl NEXT Season

arafat abdirahmanContributor IApril 30, 2009

Sorry to all Scottish people but the reality and the fruit of what I'm about to write might change all your thoughts. Imagine the two most successful clubs in Scotland playing in the Epl? All the world will be watching and we will be treated to great football all season long.

Currently we have the big four but with Celtic and Rangers added, will it be the big six? If so, who will dominate the league and which team will not play in the CL? This is so obvious...Liverpool will miss out in numerous occasion because the fourth place is always reserved for them than any top four teams. Arsenal will survive a few times but might too face the knife at some stage in the year.

Man United and Chelsea might not be mentioned, but in the coming years, one if not two will somehow fall from grace to Celtic and the Rangers will range rover over them more often than not. This will absolutely give us a weekend to remember and cheerish than the El Classico this weekend.

Imagine this type of a weekend in the Epl. Rangers versus Arsenal, Chelsea vs. Liverpool and finally Man U. vs. Celtic. This would be absolutely awesome and even the El Classico die hards will not wanna miss this one. This is football at its best and nowhere in the world you will ever witness such a mouth watering contest i na single weekend not to mention a day.

The top spot will be very difficult to obtain because had Rangers and Celtic been in the League this season, I doubt if the gap between Liverpool and UTD would be technichally six points becausec the game in hand might have been against Celtic or Rangers in Scotland.

If this happens even the Scottish will realize they haven't seen football at its best because they only see two good matches every season.

This applies to Spain too (Madrid vs. Barca). Hopefully next season we will have a cracker and the CL place will be fought for more intensely not the way Aston Villa fought for it only to run out of steam in the later stages.

Hope you enjoyed people. Comment and say your hearts out Pals.