Mock Help Wanted Ad for Philadelphia 76ers' Open Head Coaching Position

Zachary Arthur@Zach_ArthurSLCCorrespondent IIMay 25, 2013

Former head coach Doug Collins needs a replacement
Former head coach Doug Collins needs a replacementBrian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Not going to lie to any of you out there...everyone here at the Philadelphia 76ers organization feels a little disappointed about trying to find a head coach by posting a "help wanted" ad, but we are a bit desperate.

Scratch that, we are definitely desperate.

Going 34-48 and missing the playoffs after getting to the Eastern Conference semifinals the previous year isn't what we were trying to do. Our goal now is to get back into a winning routine and to do it quickly.

As many of you know out there, Doug Collins was the former head coach of this team. We used his services for three years, and he did some positive things for the Sixers. Our defense grew, the younger players began to blossom and he even taught players like Thaddeus Young to play at a new position.

Unfortunately, he did all of this while losing control of what was supposed to be his team.

Please see our qualifications for the head coaching position with the Philadelphia 76ers and let us know if you have what it takes.


Recent Coaching Experience

Sometimes life is about learning from your mistakes, and that is something that we will strive to do. One of our recent mistakes was hiring a man that hadn't been a head coach in seven years. In hindsight, it almost sounds like a ridiculous mistake. Why would we hire someone that hasn't recently coached?

Well, that is a great question.

Our new guy needs to have been an NBA head or assistant coach withing the last year. The NBA is a league full of change and getting somebody that is up to date on how to coach is vital toward Philadelphia's success.


No Second-Guessers Needed

Please do not apply if you can't stick with a decision you have decided to make.

The Sixers went through countless changes to their rotation as the season progressed this past year. Some of them were necessary due to injuries or fatigue, however, a number of them were random and didn't make sense.

Frustration and an inability to progress as a team soon followed.

Philly needs a coach that is willing to come up with a realistic rotation and sticks to his guns. He needs to understand that there will be times when it works out and times when it doesn't. Making small adjustments will be needed, but completely revamping certain parts of the lineup won't be tolerated.


Must Be Able to Work with and Develop Young Players

Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young are three of our best players and all of them are 24 years old or younger. If we choose to bring Andrew Bynum back, then you can add a 25-year-old to that list.

Our new head coach has to show that he has experience with developing young players. Having the ability to teach and help some of our younger players grow is going to be necessary toward our future success.

We truly believe that we have most of our future's core members already on this team. The problem is that we won't get anywhere unless they reach their potential and take us there.

You need to be a leader in that process.


Last but Not Least, Bring a Needed Fire to the Team

It's hard to put a finger on it, but the Sixers have been missing somewhat of a competitive mindset for the past couple of years. It feels like we are okay with being just another team. "There are 29 others so we'll sit this season out."

That has to end now.

The only way to the top is to want to get to the top. We need a coach that is determined to fight through any adversity with the intention of being the best team in the NBA. We don't expect you to get there overnight, but the expectation to eventually get to that point is there.

What is the point in playing if being at the top isn't your ultimate goal?

If you meet the previous criteria and agree with that philosophy, then please apply for the Sixers' head coaching position.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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