Watch LeBron James End 1st Half with Twitter's Favorite Pass of the NBA Playoffs

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 24, 2013

Mike Miller hit the shot that pulled the Miami Heat to within six points at halftime, but LeBron James' utterly incredible pass was easily the most impressive part of the play.

James drove hard to his left as the clock ticked down in the second quarter, left his feet with no real plan and somehow saw Miller camped out in the opposite corner. As he floated down and away from the direction of his target, James reared back and fired a bullet to Miller without ever putting his left hand on the ball.

And as I read that back, I realize that words can't do justice to the inhuman way in which James delivered the ball. For what it's worth, Rudy Gay agrees about the "inhuman" part of my analysis.

Aint no way a human should be able to throw a cross court pass like @kingjames just did lol

— Rudy Gay (@rudygay22) May 25, 2013

For those of us watching at home, it was hard to appreciate how amazing the dime was. But thanks to the magic of our giant televisions, HD and slow motion, that task got easier in the immediate aftermath.

You appreciate that pass by LeBron more when you see it in slo-mo.

— Rey-Rey (@TheNoLookPass) May 25, 2013

You know when else you appreciate that pass? When you try to imagine yourself doing it.

Think about what would happen if you tried the fading, one hand, cross-court corner jump pass LeBron just pulled off.

— Couper Moorhead (@CoupNBA) May 25, 2013

I just did. And now, if anyone reading this would be so kind, could you please look up how to treat a ruptured spleen, torn labrum and whiplash all at once? I'm asking for a friend.

Hell, Mike Miller came away grimacing after he made the shot. Maybe he was vicariously injured by James' impossible contortions.

If biology isn't your thing, just think about the physics of what James did. He was fading away from Miller, already descending and had to somehow see through a sea of Pacers. There was no angle to make that pass, and what's more, there was no way he should have been physically capable of making it.

That pass LeBron made was technically impossible.

— chris palmer (@ESPNChrisPalmer) May 25, 2013

Everyone likes to joke about how James could play almost any other professional sport if he wanted to. Now, we're seeing things that imbue those jokes with a hint of seriousness.

Not sure any QB in NFL can make it. With feet planted. RT @ethanjskolnick Anyone else in the NBA make that pass from that angle?

— Steve Aschburner (@AschNBA) May 25, 2013

Unless you're James, it's probably a good idea to listen to the coaches who told you to never leave your feet unless you knew what you were going to do with the ball.

But like so many other things, the regular rules just don't apply to LBJ. And this pass proved it.