Marc Silverman Is Chicago's Best Sports Radio Host

Eric LawheadCorrespondent IApril 30, 2009

Marc Silverman has been called Chicago's hardest working radio personality. I would have to agree with that statement. Silvy embodies all of what it takes to be a true radio personality. Especially in a market like Chicago. He is the current co-host of the Waddle and Silvy Show on WMVP, ESPN1000 with former Bears and Bengals wide-out Tom Waddle.

He grew up in Skokie and attended Niles North High School. From day one he has been a Chicago fan. He loves his Cubs, and will let you know it. But will also be the first one to bash them when they do something stupid.

I have listened to Silvy since his time on the Silvy and Carmen show in 2005. But have seen him grow into a true host while on the Waddle and Silvy show. He shows great leadership and doesn't let a diva like Waddle walk all over him.

Silvy has worked hard to get to where he is at. He has been a beat reporter for the Bears and covered many of Chicago's truly great moments from three Bulls Championships, Super Bowls and a World Series Championship.

Silvy tends to be the butt of many jokes on the other popular local show The Afternoon Saloon with, former co-host on Silvy and Carmen, Carmen DeFalco, funny man, Harry Teinowitz and former NFL lineman, John Jurkovic. They like to play funny sound bits of Silvy saying something humorous and what not. But I feel as if they truly respect his work and what he brings to the station.

Silvy brings passion as a true Chicago fan along with real insight into the teams. He doesn't let his allegiances to Chicago teams get in the way of true opinions.

When I think of Chicago radio now and for the foreseeable future I will see Marc Silverman as the man for the job. I believe he will continue to bring forth great news, insight and passion for the teams he covers and for the fans he relays the information to.

He is a fan first and radio host second. For me he is the best sports personality in Chicago.