How Important Is Landing an Unofficial Visit from Da'Shawn Hand for Ohio State?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIMay 28, 2013

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Ohio State and head coach Urban Meyer don't need to worry about whether or not 5-star defensive end Da'Shawn Hand will unofficially visit this weekend.

If he does, he does, and that's great for Ohio State.

If he doesn't, the Buckeyes still have plenty to feel good about. 

Brad Bournival of ESPN reports that while Hand will be at Ohio State for the Nike Football Training Camp this Sunday, it's uncertain whether or not he will unofficially visit before or after:

As for an unofficial visit to Ohio State, that’s to be determined at this point. In short, Hand said it all depends on how he feels. 

NCAA rules won’t allow him to take an unofficial visit on the day of the camp, so he’d have to either do it in the days leading up to the event or on Monday, June 3. 

“Honestly, I know it sounds like I’m not trying to say anything, but I really don’t know,” said Hand, the 6-foot-4, 245-pound prospect who is ranked No. 4 in the ESPN 150. “I know we’re supposed to be up there either Friday or Saturday. 

“It’s kind of like if we’re up there on Saturday, I’ll take a visit. If we’re not then I won’t. It's kind of depending on how I feel.” 

As of now, Michigan and Virginia Tech are the leaders on Hand's 247sports interest list, followed by Alabama, Auburn, Florida and South Carolina. 

The Buckeyes did make an offer to Hand, and Bournival reports that he did unofficially visit last year for the Michigan game. Still, Ohio State seems like an outlier at this point, so one has to wonder how much a potential visit here would help.

If OSU was to make a push for Hand, it would most likely be during the 2013 season, and later on during the season at that. Ohio State should be one of the best teams in the nation and Meyer should have the Buckeyes poised for a national championship run.

If Ohio State is a powerhouse during the season and they want to make a run at Hand's commitment, later on in the cycle would be the best time to make up ground for him. After all, Meyer is known as a tremendous closer on the recruiting trail and a dominant year from the Buckeyes could do wonders for their standing with the top ranked strong-side defensive end. 

Even if Meyer never gets into the running for Hand's commitment, the Buckeyes have plenty of other elite recruits to fill their time. OSU is on top of the respective 247Sports interest lists of 5-star inside linebacker Raekwon McMillan, 4-star offensive tackle Jamarco Jones and 4-star cornerback Marshon Lattimore

Myer and his staff's attentions are best served with those recruits for now. 

Would a visit from Hand be great for Ohio State from a perspective standpoint? Sure. Could the Buckeyes make up some ground with him? That's also a possibility.

Right now is not the time to make a serious run for Hand though. If that time ever comes, it will be later on during the season and closer to national signing day—this visit would mean little. 

The important visit would be of the official variety if and when OSU is directly in the national spotlight.


Note: Star rankings courtesy of the 247Sports Composite

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