WWE Payback 2013: What If CM Punk Does Not Show Up in Chicago?

David LevinSenior Writer IIMay 29, 2013


Again, I have to thank my readers for coming up with some truly original thinking when it comes to Chris Jericho and his match with CM Punk.

While I think this will be an amazing confrontation and could steal the show at Payback, I have to address one of the theories left on the comment board from last night’s column. What if CM Punk doesn’t show?

Joseph Blake may have said it best:

I feel like the only reason for this segment was to start a feud between McGillicutty and Jericho. At Payback, Jericho is waiting for Punk to come out, but Heyman comes out with McGillicutty instead. I highly doubt Punk would be put into a match when he hasn't even appeared on TV in over a month. Plus, what would Jericho and Punk be feuding over this time? Just doesn't make sense to me.

It doesn’t make sense, unless we see Punk on Raw next week heading into the pay-per-view. If that does not happen, then possibly all bets are off and Jericho feuds with Axel instead, which is not a bad substitute, in my opinion.

So much is made of how Punk’s best asset is his mouth, conveying what he thinks the masses feel as the spokesperson. But what if there was a silence? If “The Voice of the Voiceless” is not there to support the Paul Heyman cause, that sets up a whole other set of circumstances. It also makes Punk’s return at "Money in the Bank" that much more important if he wins one of the ladder matches and possibly faces John Cena for the title.

Facing Dolph Ziggler would be another possibility. But seriously, unless the WWE does its draft and puts Cena on Friday nights for ratings and divides him and Punk to balance star power, SummerSlam should have Cena/Punk for the ages.

But to make a true statement, Punk not appearing in Chicago, his hometown, or just giving one of his famous speeches is well worth the wait for him to return to the WWE in full action. While the summer months heat up and feuds are more important, the buildup is equally vital. Punk says more by saying less and increases the possibility of him coming back as a face with the holdout at Payback.

The other benefit is Jericho puts Axel over and he becomes an even bigger star because he filled in for the former WWE Champion. It could also lead to a confrontation down the line between Axel and Punk. It could happen. It should happen. Sometimes, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

Punk would be doing that. And his message would be heard loud and clear by the WWE Universe. If he doesn’t show, it is as big as the pipe bomb he delivered to us before Money in the Bank two years ago.