Marshall Henderson Pledges to Help Save Amanda Bynes from Herself

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 29, 2013

Image via @MattNorlander
Image via @MattNorlander

Ever hear that old adage about “the blind leading the blind?” That’s kind of what Marshall Henderson helping Amanda Bynes would be like.

In light of Bynes’ recent run-ins with New York Police, Ole Miss’ resident sharpshooter tweeted out a semi-supportive but 100 percent joking tweet about the wayward young actress.  

For the uninitiated, Bynes is a former child actress and current car wreck of a human being. She was once everyone’s favorite goofy Nickelodeon star but has since devolved into a human BP oil spill of regrettable decisions and groin-slap allegations

It’s nice that Henderson wants to “help her get her shiz together,” but no, Marshall, you don’t want to tangle with this chupacabra.

After his Bynes tweet, Henderson wrote another tweet talking about his community volunteer work.

Which some were quick to point out might’ve been less than voluntary.

Henderson laughed it off, apparently admitting it wasn’t the most voluntary of community service but that it was behind him.  

Granted, the Ole Miss sharpshooter has been working on retooling his controversial image in the offseason by keeping his nose clean (no pun intended) and giving his time to charitable projects like Relay 4 Life, but he’s still too deep in the hole to start mentoring other people with behavioral issues.

A scant month or so ago, Henderson himself was getting pong-bombed after the SEC tournament and flipping off fans at the NCAA tournament. I believe that’s within the “too soon” statutes of limitations for counseling others on their life problems.

With that being said, Henderson does seem to be making strides toward reining in his formerly deviant behavior. The last thing he needs is to build a bridge to Bynes. 

We don’t need another Bonnie and Clyde duo.