Daniel Bryan's Possible Heel Turn on Kane Would Be the Wrong Move

Tom Clark@tomclarkbrFeatured ColumnistMay 30, 2013

photo by wwe.com
photo by wwe.com

Kane and Daniel Bryan are having a world of issues in WWE.  The two men collectively known as Team Hell No were riding high in Vince McMahon’s company and had for the most part been on the same page as a unit.  But when they lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield at Extreme Rules, everything began to fall apart.  

But while it appears as though Bryan will be the one to turn heel on Kane, I believe that would be a big mistake.  The guy is just too good at what he does.

To be honest, if one of them must turn heel, then it should be Kane.  He has had success on both sides of the fence and could likely very easily get over if he made the turn now.

The unfortunate part of that for me is that I happen to be a fan of Kane as the big lovable funnyman.  I think it’s a role that he is very good at playing and one that he appears to be extremely comfortable in. His work as the straight man to Bryan’s neurotic personality has been comedy gold and I for one am not looking forward to seeing Team Hell No come to an end.

And honestly, it does look as if Bryan is headed in the direction of the betrayer, the one who will turn his back on his partner and venture out on his own.  Over the past few weeks, the frustration has obviously been building for Bryan as he feels that Kane thinks he is the weak link of the team.

The moment their title reign ended, the cracks began to show and it appears Daniel Bryan will be the man to widen the divide even more.

But the problem I have with Daniel turning heel at this point is that I honestly don’t know if he can get over the way he needs to.  It’s not that I doubt his ability; the guy is a great entertainer and has established a real connection with fans.

How many times have you actually heard Bryan get a negative reaction from the crowd?  Despite what town WWE is in or who Team Hell No is facing on any given night, Bryan consistently gets a great pop nearly every time.

Why ruin that now?

It seems like a long time ago at this point, but I happen to remember Bryan’s initial run in WWE, when he was presented as an eccentric vegan with an awkward smile and a very timid personality.  Fans were not buying it then; in fact many of them hated him for it.

Even after he turned heel and began “dating” AJ Lee, Bryan’s reaction was still not quite that impressive, even though he was doing all he could to get over.  He was making strides, but was not there yet.

But when he turned face again with Kane by his side, Daniel Bryan became very hot very fast.  The guy just exploded, embracing the role he was given and getting over like never before.  He had finally found his niche, was finally fitting in.  And that is still the case today.

Again, why would you change that?  Why put Daniel in a situation where he once again must reestablish himself in yet another role?  His gimmick is working, it’s successful, and it should be left alone.

Fans want to love him.  They want him to be a babyface.  The last thing they want is yet another heel blaming them for all his problems after just working for their cheers and support the week before. Daniel is obviously having fun in his character and fans are obviously having fun with it.

Leave it alone.

If WWE does indeed want to split Team Hell No in half, it does not necessarily mean that Bryan or Kane for that matter must turn heel to make it happen.  Perhaps they could just agree to part ways, to have one more big argument that they simply cannot come back from. Both men walk away and move on to the next chapter of their WWE careers.  

Honestly, that was a little hard to say.  I truly do not want Team Hell No to end.

Daniel Bryan and Kane have been experiencing major problems as a rift seems to be developing in Team Hell No.  The former WWE Tag Team champions have not been the same since losing the belts to The Shield and now it looks as though Bryan may turn his back on his partner.  But I believe that it would be a bad idea, as Bryan is very good in his babyface role and should continue to stay in it.  

Daniel Bryan is not the weak link.